What if You Could Love Recovery?

The idea that love can be a choice might be controversial, but think about it: Every day, we make choices around how we feel about the people, activities and obligations in our lives. Our job, our friends, our living situation—we decide what we want, what we’re willing to put up with, and what we’re okay sacrificing in order to live happier, more fulfilling lives. Our recovery, of course, has the same goal—so what if, instead of focusing on the hard or scary parts, we were able to love the process? What would that look like?

Shifting the Focus

What if you could love the recovery journey so much that the destination is just a bonus?

What if you could allow yourself to be amazed by every discovery along the way?

What if you could delight in deciphering your hunger code, and seeing what it is that you’re truly hungry for?

What would that change?

The road to recovery has a distinct destination (even if that destination looks slightly different for each of us.) However, by shifting your focus from that destination to the journey itself—and finding moments of joy, peace and illumination within the steps—you open yourself up to loving the phase that you’re in right now, rather than waiting for some future happiness. And how wonderful does that sound?

Yes, the recovery process can be difficult. It can be painful, and frightening, and frustrating. But it can also be really beautiful—not only because of its intended destination, but also because of the moments it holds along the way. Pay attention to those moments, and you might just find ones that you love.

Changing the Outcome

What if you could be in awe of what your eating difficulties are saying—both to you and for you?

What if you could recognize that urges to binge or restrict are providing clues to what you really long for?

What if you understood that the skills you develop (that enable you to truly nourish yourself) will serve you for the rest of your life—long after your disordered eating has passed?

While in recovery, it’s natural to feel the urge to speed things up—to want to just be done with this already! But by slowing down and taking the time to appreciate (and even enjoy) the process, you may find yourself getting more out of it than you otherwise would have. You may make discoveries that you would have otherwise overlooked, and find beneficial ways to tie them into your everyday life. This time will pass either way—so if you do have the choice, why not choose to savor the process, to relish it, to revel in this new way of seeing yourself and the world? Why not choose to love your recovery?

Now I would love to hear from you, how do you show you love your recovery?



  • Right now my recovery involves reading your amazing book. I guess I show that I love my recovery by slowing down enough to let each piece of wisdom from your stories and thoughts truly take root in me. I want to allow any new insights to fully sink in, and experience the joy that these may add to my life. I may even share some of these insights with a friend who may benefit from them. Thank you for your incredible wisdom!

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    Happy Mother’s Day!

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