Over eight years ago, when I was offered the opportunity to create a small 8-bed residential eating disorders facility – oceanfront, on the island of Maui — I jumped on it. How could I not seize the chance to create a program that would offer a way out of the struggle with an eating disorder — by following a path of heart, guided by metaphor (and the light of the moon ☺)? I insisted that the language we would speak would be what I considered the essential recovery language (assertiveness) and that we’d provide cutting-edge trauma treatment, if needed.

And it really has been a dream come true. Today Ai Pono Hawaii has an incredibly skilled staff that brings heart and soul to the program – and lots of true aloha to all that come.

We are now expanding and have added four additional beds, still keeping the small homey atmosphere that has worked so well, and has allowed for individual, expert care for our patients.

If you would like to learn more about our program or services, we would be happy to arrange a phone call or virtual meeting to talk more by emailing info@aipono.com or calling 808-707-1018.

Anita Johnston, Ph.D
Executive Director, Ai Pono Hawaii

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