Welcome to SoulStories from the Light of the Moon Café.

In this video blog I tell a story that describes the journey towards recovery from struggles with food and eating — and what it takes to keep from losing our way whenever obstacles present themselves.

What might be the names of some of your hungers? What helps you to remember them? I am curious about your thoughts – please scroll down and leave a comment.

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  • From the time that I was a little one, storytelling has been my way to hear truth. Thank you, Anita. Once again, your gift of story telling has resonated with where I am in the moment. It has taken me many, many years to reach the tree ~ I am now the turtle, remembering and then, speaking my truth. My hunger truth is for boundaries. Knowing that they are really alright and necessary to have. Honoring my knowing that my real friends are also interested in me and my story, not only in what I can give or listen to for them. Knowing that quiet, alone time is not just comfortable, but vital for me.

  • Thank you for reminding me about my journey in life to find nourishment through telling this story of Ungali. I love hearing your amazing voice because you bring the lesson to life and that helps me understand the mystery of my eating disorder better. I like the turtle’s determination and effort to repeat the name of the tree instead of losing focus on the path, the way the gazelle and elephant lost focus.
    I practice that same determination to remember my worth and value when I fall into the deep dark pit on my way to nourish myself by repeating “I deeply and completely love and approve of myself” and “I love myself, the way I am, I love the world the way it is”. Those affirmations help me focus on alignment with my Source who loves me unconditionally and provides all the people places and things on my journey for my benefit.
    I lose focus sometimes when I depend on a person to nourish me, like when I need a man to validate my worth by saying he likes me or needs me

  • this story makes me reflect that often in my difficulties with food i get lost in things which keep me astraight from my recovery and goals….for example ether i get too much worry on food instead of the real problem or i get too much identified with the person i am(beliving i have these qualities because of my eating problems,afraid to lose my sensiitvity my creativity my being unique without ED)….it is like the animals that they get very proud of what they are and of what the others will think of them and they forget the real name of the tree….
    with this story i wanna try to do a step back and keep myself in connection with my truth and the real answers under food worries and ego….
    thanks ones more Anita

  • I love this story, My hunger is for love and acceptance. I wish people could see my need for love and help with my daughter……..It is so clear to me, but not to them. I am afraid to ask because the rejection hurts more than the need.

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