Under the Light of Full Moon

you find your way...

Spring 2022

Under the Light of full moon shines Light on the path...
So you can see where you want to go.

This is the intermediate follow-up course. You have to take the New Crescent Moon first. And then you'll get to build on the insights you got there. You'll learn about the awesome nature of your Feminine Psyche. And how to work with it to transform your relationship with food

If you haven't taken the New Crescent Moon course, you can sign-up -here- to get on the wait list.

Under the Full Moon you'll develop emotional literacy and assertive communication. With a ton of support and guidance! So you can identify and express your feelings directly -- rather than through eating. And you'll learn how to work with, not against, your intuition. So you can get the clarity you need to break free from eating difficulties.

You'll shift how you see your body. Hard to believe, I know! Instead of hating it, you'll be awed by what it means to be in the body of a woman. You'll get to discover a new way of being. One that transforms your relationship with yourself, your body, and others in your life.

The Full Moon module illuminates the steps to take. So you can move towards a life that is YOUR life. A life that fulfills you and frees you from eating and body struggles. One where you'll glow with the full essence of who you are as a woman.

You'll identify and develop the skills you need. Create changes in your relationship with yourself and others. And free yourself from disordered eating thoughts and behaviors.

The weekly format is the same as the New Crescent Moon.

Spend 8 weeks in a Supportive Circle of Women with Dr. Anita Johnston

The Full Moon shines a bright light so you can see what's essential if you want to be free. Forever.

It illuminates the emotional, intuitive, and relationship-oriented qualities of the Feminine Psyche. So you can discover how to use them to support you on your journey towards wholeness. 

At its heart, the Feminine is concerned
about relationship and connection.

Under the Light of the Full Moon, you'll explore new ways of relating to food and your body. With awareness and appreciation of the natural rhythms of the female body. You'll learn the communication skills you need to create relationships that are supportive. And nourishing.

Here, we bring compassion to all the rejected parts of our feminine nature. Those dismissed, disregarded, and shamed by our modern culture. You'll learn how to claim and develop your inner GPS. Your emotional, instinctive, and intuitive guidance system. So that it works for you, not against you. You'll discover how to get the nurture and comfort you have always hungered for. Without turning to eating and food.

Module #1

Waves of Emotion

We begin this series by diving deep into the heart of the matter. Into the realm of emotions.

You'll explore the direct connection between emotions and eating behaviors. And learn a whole new way of relating to your feelings. Here, you'll see your feelings as gateways to wisdom and guidance. Rather than stumbling blocks to avoid or overcome. You'll discover how it's “emotional illiteracy” that leads to struggles with food. And how it's your attempts to block emotions (rather than the feelings themselves) that leads to disordered eating.

Module #2

Finding Nurture

This is a big one! You'll learn about the “Archetypal Mother” that exists within everyone.

And everywhere. Whether we know it or not. She's the part of us that can give us just the right amount of compassion, guidance, support, and nurture we need. Without Her, we're vulnerable to harsh judgments and criticisms from ourselves (or others.) That's what drives us to seek comfort and solace in food behaviors. You'll learn how to access the powerful nourishment she has to offer — and how to find it elsewhere in your life

Module #3


Here you'll get to understand the nature of “women’s intuition” as a different way of knowing.

You'll learn how to honor and listen to that quiet, inner voice from within. With curiosity. Instead of ignoring it or stuffing down those “gut feelings” with food. You'll reclaim your “inner authority.” And find out what you're really hungry for.

Module #4

Feminine Cycles

This week we look at the feminine cycle – from menarche to menopause.

And its powerful relationship to food cravings, mood swings, and negative body image. You'll get to shed many of the feeling of shame and loathing inherited from our culture. Because we weren't taught to value, honor and embrace the most profoundly feminine aspect of our bodies. Here, you'll learn how to appreciate and work with your cyclical nature.

Module #5

Feminine Sexuality

Imagine exploring your feminine sexuality from a personal, subjective perspective. From the inside out.

By focusing on your desires rather than desirability. Our culture objectifies women’s sexuality and defines it by what it “looks like.” So many of us have feelings of confusion, fear, rejection, and sadness around our sexuality. Our disconnect from the deepest part of our feminine nature leaves us with a hunger that we don’t know what to do with. We try to stuff it down with food or starve it so it will go away. Here, you will find ways to recognize and reclaim your own unique sensual, sexual nature. What it "feels like." For you. And free yourself from society’s messages and early experiences where it was not honored.

Module #6

Relationships: Honoring Self & Others

There's delicate balance between being in relationships with others. And being true to ourselves.

You'll see how tending to the needs of others without acknowledging your own needs leads to deprivation. An ever-present, hunger that nags at you. Constantly. In this week you'll learn how to be attentive and respectful of others. Without losing your voice or your authenticity. Without sacrificing your sense of who you are and what you value.

Module #7

Assertiveness: Speaking your truth

You'll put it all into action, here. With practical ways to find your voice and speak the truth – in the kindest way possible.

You'll learn the Number One Skill for complete, lasting recovery from disordered eating. Assertive communication. It's absolutely essential! Because this is how you'll embrace the essence of who you really are. And set clear limits. Without being hurtful to others or yourself. Because it gets rid of the constant anxiety (which we try to fend off with eating behaviors) that comes from acting one way when we're feeling another. It'll put you on the path of heart. One which leads you towards people and situations that'll nourish you. And steer you away from those that won't.

Module #8

Embodying the Feminine

What does it mean to be the embodiment of the feminine? To you?

You'll find out here. And see how it gets played out in different stages and phases of your life. You'll discover how women of all ages can connect with the many aspects of the feminine principle. Regardless of their chronological age. And use these energies to heal from disordered eating and negative body image.

What Others are Saying..

The fun activities in the ‘Under the Light of the Full Moon’ online class have been so enlightening.  I loved learning about the course of women through history and how it connects to women today.  Sharing ideas with participants from other countries was a warm bonding experience too.  Take the leap forward through art, music, stories, selected readings, and audio messages for long lasting positive changes!

A.C., Toronto, Ontario Canada  

"I can't wait for the 3rd course Beauty In The Unseen Moon to start! Going through the New Cresent Moon and now just finishing Under The Full Moon has been so helpful for me on my journey to recovery from Anorexia, body image issues, depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

My cafe sisters are so supportive, understanding and inspiring and we all want to see each other succeed in our recovery process. For me being able to trust and allow myself to be vulnerable with women from all over the world and not be judged or criticized has truly been so freeing, heart-warming and safe! It was really comforting to see that I was not alone in dealing with my struggles.

Listening to Anita speak during the 3 webinars is amazing! Reading and listening to Anita's book Eating In The Light Of The Moon several times (and highly recommend it!) is so insightful. However, I found that doing this course and having assignments that correspond to the chapters really helped me to look at the chapters in a new light (so to speak). I was inspired by the responses not only from Anita & Cafe Team but from the other women in the circle.

Anita is so inspiring and so passionate about her work and has so much compassion with everyone she works with and meets. Being able to hear Anita crack the food code with metaphors is so amazing....she is so spot on with defining what you are truly craving for in your life. It is so cool to find out that the food I was either restricting or craving had to do with things in my life now or in my childhood that I wanted and/or needed but didn't get. Even though the 8 weeks seem to go by so fast you will learn a lot through the stories and metaphors all while discovering things about yourself! Thank You Anita & Cafe Team! 

~ K.C. North Carolina, USA

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