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Do you need help understanding why you do what you do with food? 

Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work?

Have you given up hope for recovery?

You’ve come to the right place! In the New Crescent Moon course, you’ll discover how to use the power of metaphor to find your own path to recovery.

The New Crescent Moon is the Time for New Beginnings.

And you are invited to join us ….

We begin with shedding new light on your struggle with eating and food. So you can see it differently. And find meaning and hope for recovery..

In the soft, reflective light of the New Crescent Moon, you’ll find what is buried beneath your eating difficulties. Hidden from view. Until now.

This course is just so divinely inspired I am amazed. Coming in, I thought I knew all there was to know about ED recovery. I had been at so many out-patient programs, two inpatient treatment programs, and at 12 step programs. This course took me so much deeper and the structure was so incredibly inspired to allow for getting into the materials one way or the other and to really allow for connection with self.

I cannot say enough about the course AND I must also say that I could not have felt so committed and gained what I did without the sisters who courageously shared this adventure with me. I am so grateful for the courage, honesty and hope shared. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH SISTERS! And, Anita, you truly inspire.

~ L.D.M. BC, Canada

Spend 8 weeks in a Supportive Circle of Women with Dr. Anita Johnston

Eating in the Light of the Moon

The New Crescent Moon’s the first of three different multi-media courses you can take. The perfect place to begin and see if this is the journey for you.

It was inspired by the popularity of Eating in the Light of the Moon, a book in seven different languages that has helped millions of women around the world find freedom from eating difficulties using the power of story and metaphor. And now it's available as an online interactive experience at the Light of the Moon Cafe!

“In the New Crescent Moon course, I was able to shift my paradigm from “I have a food and weight problem” to “I am a whole person who has physical, emotional and spiritual needs.”  I came to understand that I was trying to feed my emotional and spiritual hungers with food and was failing terribly because no amount of food, dieting & exercise could ever satisfy an emotional or spiritual need.  Journeying with the tribe of women in the Cafe taught me one of the most important spiritual lessons, which was that there was nothing inherently wrong with me, a feeling I had for many years as I suffered from my eating disorder in isolation.  For the first time, I feel hopeful about not only making a full recovery but living with peace and wholeness.  I surely could not have made the paradigm shift without Anita and the experience of the Cafe.” 

LE, Hawaii, USA 

If you liked Eating in the Light of the Moon, you'll love the Light of the Moon Cafe! If you haven’t read the book yet, no worries, you’ll get your own copy in this program as we go through it together.

Using metaphors and ancient wisdom stories, we reframe the struggle. We shine light on the truth that there’s nothing wrong with you (and there never was!) You’ll have a ton of “aha” moments. Find relief from dieting and food battles. And see a way out

After thousands of women from around the world have said how much Eating in the Light of the Moon has helped them, I thought it would be cool to have a virtual book club – where anyone, from wherever they lived, could hop on and share their thoughts with each other. And I could respond.

How would you like to be a member of a book club – where the author shows up (that’s me) to answer all of your questions? Or make sense out of things you have wondered about?

What if you could get my help in seeing how this fits for you personally?

What if you could join a circle of women who are doing the same thing? I’m not kidding -- the power of women gathering together is awesome. And transformative!

Watch the book chapters come to life with audio and video recordings of my storytelling. Plus brand new chapters are not yet published! 

Here, you'll see how to bring these ideas into your personal life. Every day. And make recovery yours. If you haven't read the book, no worries, you'll get your own copy as part of the course.

It's a class that has a beginning and end. We start together and end together. 

It's a workbook with reading, writing, and drawing activities. And stories to listen to. You'll get something new every day. For 8 weeks.

It's a book club with a forum to discuss, share, and ask questions. Only if you want to. Participation's not required. If you’re shy, you can be a quiet observer, But this is a book club where the author chimes in and responds to all postings.

It's a women's support circle. It's so cool to discover how many others think and feel the way you do. Getting support from people that get what you're going through is beyond awesome!

You get to find out you are not alone.

This has been a profound, stimulating and enjoyable process. I have loved uncovering the deeper meanings behind my behaviors and thoughts. I have loved unpacking the childhood experiences and messages, which were shaping so much of my present. I really have looked forward to writing and reading what everyone has written. And I really have felt ‘held’ these last 8 weeks - despite us all living around the world. 

C,E. Dublin, Ireland

In this 8 Week Course We will cover :

Module #1

Finding the Meaning

Imagine getting welcomed into a circle of women. They get what you are going through and can support you on your journey towards freedom from eating difficulties. No judgment. Only support. They, too, know what it's like to be emotionally sensitivity and highly intuitive. And how painful it is to live in a culture that doesn't appreciate those qualities. Together, you'll see how this contributes to struggles with eating and body image. And how there is nothing wrong with you. You'll get to reframe the struggle in a brand new way -- so you can see the way out.

Module #2

True Self & Metaphor

You get introduced into the World of Metaphor. Here, you'll learn the coded language of disordered eating. When you crack your hunger code, you begin to see the hidden function of your food and weight obsession. You’ll find encouragement, hope, and a glimpse of who you really are. You can shatter the myth that there is something wrong with you. And realize you CAN let go of this.

Module #3

Finding Balance

You zoom out to get a view of the “Bigger Picture” and see how "Feminine" & "Masculine” principles exist within all of us. Regardless of gender. What’s that? It’s your inner Yin and Yang. The part of you that’s about Doing and the part of you that’s about Being. And when they’re out of balance so is your relationship with food and your body. Profoundly. Not your fault. Our culture’s so out of balance that it affects our own internal balance. You'll discover how to release yourself from cultural conditioning and false stories. And restore balance to your psyche and eating.

Module #4

Body Awareness

In this week, you get to apply the concepts we've been exploring and discussing -- in a very practical way. You'll discover how to find subtle hunger and fullness sensations in your body. Before they get out of control. When they are whispers, not shouts. You'll see what's been getting in the way of your eating when you're hungry, and stopping when you're full. And you'll become your own body whisperer.

Module #5

Body Guidance

Here you'll dive deeper into the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger. How the specific foods you crave (or fear) can numb out uncomfortable feelings. How eating (or restriction) can distract you from difficult situations. And you'll learn what you need to do to get back on track.

Module #6

Hunger as a Metaphor

Magic starts to happen in this week! You'll see how certain foods and disordered eating patterns are speaking to you -- and for you. In the language of metaphor. You'll get the symbolic nature of hunger as it applies to your life. You'll uncover what specific foods you crave (or fear) represent to you. Symbolically. You'll look at the foods you eat past fullness -- through the lens of metaphor. And discover the other hungers that lie hidden beneath them.

Module #7

Soul Hunger

What about food addiction and obsessions? These are questions we'll answer in this week. You'll see how food restriction, exercise addiction, or purging behaviors are attempts to escape. From hungers that seem insatiable. Or overwhelming. Or unidentifiable. How urges to binge are internal signals alerting us to different kinds of hungers. Emotional or spiritual hungers. You'll learn how to find and feed those soul hungers.

Module #8

Body Talk

You'll explore your relationship with your body image. And discover the real causes of body hated. You'll learn how to clear obsessive thoughts to heal your relationship with your body.

We wrap up this course with a final teleconference where we'll play with food. As a metaphor. I'll  help you find the symbolism of your most challenging foods. You won’t want to miss it.

Your Own Copy of Anita's Book "Eating in the Light of the Moon"

How to Communicate Assertively Program. It includes detailed charts, worksheets, and a video that will help you find your voice -- so you won’t have to use food behaviors to communicate anything. Ever again.

Your "own personal workbook and journal to pull this all together.

Emotional Literacy Guidebook -- to help you find the connections between your feeling and your eating thoughts and behaviors.

"Metaphor Reference Guide" so you can easily find the metaphors for the foods you crave and fear. 

Proprioceptive Awareness Manual -- so you can learn to find your physical hunger and satiety cues -- quickly and easily.

We just know you are going to love this course and find it helpful! So we back it with a 30 Day Money Back 100% 

No questions asked, no hassles, no problems!

What Others are Saying..

What Others are Saying..

As a woman who suffered for years with restrictive eating/dieting, binge and purging as well as a hyper focus on healthy food and exercise I am so grateful to have been a part of the Eating in The Light of the Moon healing circle/course.  Though my eating disordered behaviours had stopped several years ago this invaluable resource helped me to circle back to take a closer look at what was under those behaviours in the first place. In doing so I have experienced my present relationship to food, my body and myself to have been enriched and I have been invited to go deeper into my recovery mind, heart, body and soul. This course also helped me to connect with kindred and courageous women to create a safe tribe of recovery and a healing circle of mutual encouragement and cheering one another on.

As a Clinical Counsellor, Somatic Psychotherapist and Restorative Yoga Teacher I can highly recommend this course as well as the book Eating in the Light of the Moon as important and transformative resources for any woman who wishes to transform her relationship with her body and food. Dr. Anita and team have created a unique offering of psycho-educational material using relevant and informative readings, simple expressive art, self-inquiry journal prompts, relevant and healing music and opportunities to interact with others in a meaningful way on a similar journey. 

J.K, British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Anita Johnston’s “New Crescent Moon” online class was an innovative and effective learning experience and one unlike any I have ever known. 

What really makes this class so wonderful is the virtual women’s circle that is created with Dr. Johnston and the members of the class. In the cafe, I have communicated with kind, intelligent women from all over the world who were called “too sensitive” as a child when they made their experiences that caused them hurt known to others.  In this circle we have a home to share such hurts as well as our deepest desires without the fear of rejection.  And we are all so much alike!  Many times we have read each other’s shares and have said “You have taken the words right out of my mouth!”

And amazingly - I really don’t know how she does it - Dr. Johnston responds to all of our entries with such insight and clarity and hope…it is truly remarkable.  What results is a great conversation among us.

The bottom line is this:  If you get the chance to embrace the opportunity to join the cafe and the New Crescent Moon class, grab it.  It is life-affirming and life-changing one!

~M.L. New Jersey, USA

I have an eating disorder. I have had it for a long time. I have seen eating disorder therapists and dietitians. I have gone into treatment out of state. I have attended eating disorder support groups. I have read many books, I have much knowledge about eating disorders. And still I have felt stuck, hopeless – until I took this class.

In the Light of the Crescent Moon class, Anita taught me how to look at things differently – how to look at myself differently. It's impossible to distill all I have learned and transmit it to you in one paragraph. This class has simply been wonderful and unlike anything else I have ever tried to help myself with the eating disorder. And I now have motivation and hope.

All of this said, along with Anita and her team, the most wonderful thing about the class is the community that we women built among all of us who took the class. We have never met, we live in different states and different countries, and we built an amazing circle of connection such that we could discuss what we were learning. We became open, loving and caring of one another with no judgment, no criticism. We shared our progress and disclosed our shame. I experienced being loved, supported, accepted, cared about, listened to, and understood over and over and over again. And it had nothing to do with how I looked.

~D.M. Houston, Texas, USA

It is not the first time I take part to the Café!  It is always a precious experience, the chance that we all have to share our inner world in a safe and cozy cycle of healing. I feel that the chance to speak so friendly and frankly on important issue, it has already by its own a transformative power....bringing to light what is often  kept hidden and protected. The feedback of Anita are precious and always full of compassion love and encouragement...but they are also honest and precise so sometimes can be a bit uncomfortable(but this is needed to grow).

I need more time to let all these beautiful imputs sink deeply in myself. ..but I know that we have planted seeds ...I hope to water them and keep them in the Light. ..
It has been so precious to be in this warm and loving nest .....a real family. ...thank you all for that 

~V.R. Milan, Italy

I am so thankful for the wonderful wonderful classes.  Learned so much I never knew how I would love to journal and will look forward to the next series.  Its helping me so much!  Thanks  mi Oahu

~M.I. Oahu, USA

The Light of the Mood Cafe has been an integral part of my recovery process. Having the daily lessons keeps me reminded and connected to being conscious and focusing on my soul's hungers and my needs. It is so easy to get caught up in life's tumult and forget. This experience kept me grounded in the work and also connected with a circle of supportive woman who are on a similar journey. Looking at food as a metaphor really has shifted my way of relating to my cravings and allowed me to open up a dialogue with myself about what I truly need. Anita's work resonates with my heart and soul.

~H.D. New York, USA

After reading Eating in the Light of the Moon, I knew that what was described in the book was exactly what I needed to move on from my disordered eating.  The Under the New Moon course expanded on the information and helped me to understand it in new ways and to incorporate it into my own life.  After 15 years of restricting, dieting, and bingeing, I am finally beginning to break free.  The course has challenged me, opened me up to creativity, helped me to discover all of the needs that lie beneath my eating struggles, and helped me to discover ways to feed those needs.  I am no longer a woman who is timid and afraid and constantly caring for others instead of herself. I am beginning to know myself on a level that I never knew possible.  Thank you Anita for developing this course and allowing me to discover the person I was meant to be.


I really enjoyed moon café. Even though I did not post, I enjoyed reading other people’s comments because I did not realize how many women out there are feeling and thinking the same way as me … It was healing and comforting.

I do recommend this program to people who have any struggles of eating or even any interests of finding out themselves better …

Thank you! I am looking forward to the next course.

~M.Y. Japan

My deepest appreciation to you for putting together a gentle, insightful, persistent program with clear themes that have led me into greater clarity. Your guidance has enabled me to put a full stop to my search for the meaning of my eating and weight. I greatly value the clarity of understanding I now have and I feel deep inside that I need to search any further.

I do still have to work at being conscious of my feelings and the metaphors in my own life experience and my foods. You have given me great processes and tools for achieving the clarity I was looking for. Thank you.

~G.F.L South Africa

Through working through Anita's great work, I have become my authentic self. The feeling that comes from authenticity is INCREDIBLE. It's truly like winning the lottery. It's improved my marriage, some friendships, and made me available to TRUE relationships I enjoy. Thank you.

~ J.C. Colorado Springs, CO

Recover from disordered eating is possible! for many decades, I have experienced difficulties with disordered eating and body acceptance. I was well-acquainted with the feeling of powerless and hopelessness that accompany these difficulties. Anita's Light of the Moon Café courses launched me into a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment. 

These courses brought me hope. Each day, Anita guides participants through an exercise intended to support them in self-discovery and recovery. Throughout the courses, participants are supported by their co-participants, who quickly become their sisters. I never before felt as though others understood my struggles as much as I did in these courses. 

If you have ever felt as though you are not enough, that your difficulties with food seem like too much to bear, take courage. Anita's courses can guide you in your journey of healing. Recovery from disordered eating is possible. I urge you to enroll in the Light of the Moon Café courses and begin your healing journey.

~ A.T. Maysville, KY

The three Light of the Moon Café courses, each a very manageable 8-weeks, was amazing! It really, in all honesty, has been life-changing. when I started this program I was still in the early stages of recovery from my restrictive eating disorder and had realized that the full on medical model, almost forced recovery approach was not working for me anymore. I am pretty sure it never worked for me, actually, but I did not know what other options existed. Then I found the Light of the Moon Café.

The intensity of this program is what I loved the most. Each day was something new that was actually moving me in the direction toward actual recovery rather than a period of limited behaviors mimicking recovery. being asymptomatic, or with few visible behaviors, has always seemed to me the goal of treatment and the recovery process but this course has helped me to learn otherwise. The TRUE recovery process requires going inward... something I never knew how to do and honestly, always feared.

I highly recommend these courses to anyone seeking true and sustained recovery. They have helped move me into this journey and I am so grateful.

~ A.S. Williamsburg, VA

Thank you so much for this life-changing journey, Anita. I have gone deeper with these three Light of the Moon Café courses than in several decades of therapy and spiritual practice, which is what I needed to recover from disordered eating. you helped me face and understand what was holding me back and keeping me addicted. In some ways, I feel my life is just beginning now. Thank you for being a wise and compassionate guide through the labyrinth.

~ L.M. Austin, TX

For decades I have dealt with disordered eating. I have tried every fad diet, and none fad diets. Read every book I could about why I couldn't lose weight. Finally, I randomly started listening to Anita on Podcasts. This lead me to reading her book. I decided to just take the first session. Wow. It was eye opening. I did a lot of work on myself but felt I needed more. I ended up doing all three sessions. I am now recovered from Disordered Eating. 

These sessions are not easy, as they have you go deep within yourself. But Anita has such a gentle way of guiding you that you feel safe to keep going. The group of sisters I made through this journey I will be attached to forever as I could not have done this without them. I am a different person than how I started and I am forever grateful to Anita and my sisters.

~ J.S. Arlington, VA

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