DG just completed the 20 week Light of the Moon Cafe’ online e-course/support circle.  Read her compelling testimony, grab a friend and join us in our next healing circle that begins July 6th.

“The Light of the Moon Cafe was the most transformative and supportive healing circle I have ever been part of. I have struggled with an eating disorder for decades and finally found a place where true healing could take place. There was never any pressure or judgement. I simply showed up by opening the day’s lesson and did my best to complete it. The support and wisdom offered from the other women was beautiful. The women participating were of all ages which allowed for many different perspectives. The wisdom spoke right through the age of the woman speaking. I would recommend, with my whole heart ,this 20 week program. It was priceless. For those who suffer with the different forms that an eating disorder takes, this course is like coming to the safest most supportive home you could imagine. -DG, Alford, MA.