The 4 Faces

of the Feminine Psyche

Are you looking to go deeper into understanding what motivates you?

Are you curious about what forces for healing and growth are available to you and all times – and how you can tap into them?

Do you want to be at peace with your body -- regardless of your age?

Would you like to claim the gifts that are your birthright?

Then this self-study is the course for you!

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Discover the timeless feminine archetypal energy flowing through you.
And find the inner strength you need to grow and heal.


Archetypes to the psyche what genes are to the body.  You are born with them. 

Archetypes are universal concepts found in all cultures on the planet and throughout all time (past, present, and future.) They are patterns programmed in our unconscious mind that impact our lives, whether we are aware of them or not. They can become troublesome if they remain unconscious and out of our awareness. When imbalanced they can drive us towards addictions and compulsive behaviors. When used consciously and deliberately they can be powerful healing forces.

Only $295
Launch Special 50% Off

Only $147.00 for a Limited Time

How powerful! I was transfixed learning about the feminine archetypes.  I found them life changing and life affirming… By reclaiming the archetypes, we would be in touch with: our intuition, cycles, the natural world around us, our bodies, our feelings, our instincts and feel more connected to others

P. London, UK

Loved this explanation of the archetypes and I can relate to each one. Identifying each of those within me increases my sense of direction, provides me with a frame of reference and a language for my experiences.

K.H. Texas, USA 

“There is no healing without archetypal energy.”  -- Carl Jung


They are the archetypes that correspond to four significant phases in a woman’s life (maiden, mother, queen, crone) and also correspond to the four seasons of the year (spring, summer, fall, winter), four cycles of the moon (waxing, full, waning, dark) and four elements (air, fire, water, earth).

As archetypal energies they are available for personal growth and healing – regardless of chronological age or gender.

Learn how to consciously and deliberately access these energies that exist within you. Bring them into your life for balance, wholeness, and healing.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Access the youthful energy of the MAIDEN archetype to embark on new beginnings: projects, adventures, relationships, or a new way of being. Even if you are 80 years old.
  • Summon MOTHER archetypal energy when you want to create or “give birth” to something in your life. And nourish it as it grows. This is the energy to call upon when feeling a need to soothe and nurture others. Or yourself
  • Experience the sovereignty of the QUEEN archetypal energy in your life when trying to decide what to let go of and what to hold onto. And when you want to harvest the fruits of your labors – for yourself and for your community.
  • Call on the ancient wisdom of the CRONE archetype for guidance and connection with your deepest truths -- and the most spiritual side of yourself.  Even if you are 18 years old.

For eons the feminine archetype has been relegated to our unconscious. Until now. Like the fairytale, Sleeping Beauty, she is awakening after a long, long sleep. But most of us are unaware or uncertain about how to work with these energies – consciously and deliberately --  so we can create the life we’ve been dreaming of…

Only $295
Launch Special 50% Off

Only $147.00 for a Limited Time

Come join me in exploring
The Four Faces of the Feminine Psyche.


The Maiden is the part of us that represents Springtime, new beginnings, freedom and adventure, hope, desire, new-found sexuality and physical vitality. Through her we explore our identity and how to move safely out in the world.


The Mother is Summertime, that aspect of our self that brings forth growth, creativity, empathy, and nourishment. Through her we learn to balance nurturing ourselves with caring for others.


The Queen is the archetype of the Autumn harvest that provides us with wisdom, cohesion, integration, and fulfillment. Through her influence we cultivate our own inner guidance system, learning what to let go of and what to embrace as we move toward wholeness.


The Crone is the ancient, wizened part of us that carries the stillness of Winter, deep inner knowing, truth, and connection to the cosmos and our ancestors. Through her we can experience oneness, the bigger picture, and connect with all that is.


Only $295
Launch Special 50% Off

Only $147.00 for a Limited Time

It is by tapping into the timeless Sacred Feminine energies flowing through each of us  that we can discover and learn to utilize our inner strength to heal and grow as women.

To realize that these archetypes are already in me...are there ready to be discovered and pretty amazing. 

A.S. Virginia, USA

This is a much more holistic concept of the feminine as a complex archetype to be honoured and loved.  If this was how we claimed the feminine, body image issues would not exist. 

L.R.  Ontario, Canada

Discover the inner resources that will help you:

  • Claim your authentic self.
  • Cultivate nourishing relationships.
  • Find your place in community.
  • Embrace your own unique soul’s expression.

And transform your life....

How is this program delivered?

What are the Hours? Always open 24/7 for your convenience. You can take this self-study course whenever you want, show up as often as you like, take part in all the activities at once, or do a little here and there. You get to choose.

What’s on the Menu? The Four Faces of the Feminine Psyche consists of 27 lessons with 10 short teaching videos, 8 story audios, self-reflective questions and activities, and a downloadable journal.

Take out Available? Once you sign up, the teaching videos are available for you indefinitely. You can watch them over and over if you like. The audios, worksheets, and journal can be downloaded into your personal library, and are yours to keep and review in the comfort of your own home. Forever.

If we had freedom from the Maiden and nourishment from the Mother and wholeness from the Queen and wisdom from the Crone, then we would be able to look within ourselves and trust who and what we need.

S.B.W. Colorado, USA

Learning my desires, needs, wants, and channeling the specific energy of the feminine principle that I needed at any given moment, is truly life changing. 

K.B. Santa Barbara, CA

Here is what You Get:

Digital Online Course w/Printable Material

  • 10 teaching videos to help you understand and apply the material in a practical way
  • 8 audio stories to help you take these concepts deeper into your psyche
  • Self-reflective activities and a downloadable journal to guide you along
  • Indefinite access to the course materials so you can always go back and review.

Only $295
Launch Special 50% Off

Only $147.00 for a Limited Time

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This is fascinating.  There is a lot involved to understanding each archetype. I can see how balancing these forces can be so powerful when channeled correctly and can wreck havoc when they are not. 

G.S. Pennsylvania, USA

As I allow this concept of the Feminine Principle to penetrate my inner most self; I see it as yet another vital part of myself that, until the Cafe’, was hidden from my awareness. I most definitely have been experiencing the “energies” associated with The Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone in recent weeks! 

K.R.L. California, USA

I think embodying the archetypes would help me cope with the pressures of modern society, because I would know myself so well.  I'd know what I needed / desired to flourish, I would feel much more grounded and sure of who I was /am.  I would stand tall and proud in my own light, so it could shine out to others (without dimming their light).

P.  London, UK

I do think I have aspects and tasks from all of these areas that I am working on -- the maiden, mother, queen (nice to know there is this phase now too...), and crone -- so I appreciate that it is an energy vs. something to acknowledge at a particular age.

K.S. Minnesotta, USA

Realizing that we, as women, are the embodiment of the feminine principle and that it is literally in our blood, our organs, our hormones, and our chromosomes is pretty darned amazing! 

A.S. Virginia, USA

Embracing all aspects of the feminine allows us to find the beauty within us, in all its iterations, rather than falling into the trap of the belief that beauty is to look a certain way or coerce the body into a certain shape... It would greatly expand the body ideal that we live with in this culture. It would make space for something beyond just the maiden shape that is so glorified and revered by the culture and the media. It would make space for the fairy maiden body, for the warm and round and welcoming mothering body, for the changing, stolid queen body, for the wise and welcoming crone body.  

S.E.  Washington, D.C, USA

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