The Beauty of the Unseen Moon 

Helps us see obstacles hidden from view …

July 10th, 2022

The Dark Moon helps us develop “Night Vision.” And find clues to assist us on our journey.

This is the advanced Light of the Moon course, the Beauty of the Unseen Moon. The last in the series.

You have to complete the New Crescent Moon course first. If you missed it, you can hop on  here to get on the waitlist.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Where you'll go deep into your psyche. And find what's getting in the way of total freedom from disordered eating thoughts and behaviors.

You'll learn the skills you need to move through the world. Safely. Confidently. So you won't have to use food to numb, buffer, protect, or isolate yourself. Any longer.

You'll discover what true recovery is. What it takes to get there. And how to integrate all you have learned at the Cafe into your day to day life.

You'll learn how to use inner vision. In-sight. How to look within and find hidden helpers that have been clamoring for your attention. Through eating behaviors. Or food and weight obsessions.

This course is about Integration. Bringing parts of yourself that you've dismissed, denied, or disregarded into full awareness. So you can see their value. And become whole.

Spend 8 weeks in a Supportive Circle of Women with Dr. Anita Johnston

The Dark Moon helps us develop “night vision” so we can see obstacles that hidden from view. And find clues to assist us on our journey.

In this Series, you'll uncover and identify what it is that's getting in the way of finding lasting freedom. In the shadow of the moon, we can uncover what has, up until now, remained unseen and out of our awareness. You'll bring to light those aspects of your psyche you need. So you can be wholly and completely free from food and weight obsessions. You'll discover what recovery looks like. And realize that full and complete recovery from eating difficulties, and food and weight obsessions is possible.

Module #1

Eating Difficulties as Messengers

What if the struggle with eating and your body has a deeper meaning than you ever expected? And what if the struggle was really a communication from the deepest part of your being? Your Soul. Would you listen? Our souls don't use regular day-to-day language. They speak to us in symbolism & metaphor. You'll see how disordered eating thoughts and behaviors are soul-filled messages. About your deeper hungers. The hungers of your soul. And you'll discover the hidden parts of yourself that have been starving.

Module #2

Following Your Dreams

How can our dreams possibly help with eating struggles? Dreams speak to us in the language of symbolism and metaphor. The very language we need to decode our struggles with eating. And solve the mystery of what we are really hungry for. Through your dreams, you'll see how you hold the answers to your struggles deep within yourself.

Module #3

The Descent

You'll descend deep into your Being. By summoning up as much curiosity and compassion as you can. And confront all those aspects of yourself you've deemed unworthy of your attention. You'll learn how to befriend and talk to the unconscious parts of your self that know the secret. That know why you do what you do with food. That have the power to heal what has been wounded.

Module #4

Authentic Power

You'll learn about a whole new kind of power that can change your eating and food behaviors. No, we're not talking about will-power. It's a whole new way of relating to powerful feelings, situations, and relationships. You'll shift your perception of what power is. And where it comes from. And learn how to transform the power-less-ness you feel over food and eating.

Module #5

Creating Safety & Protection

Here you'll get to discover and create your own "Inner Father." This is the aspect of your psyche that provides security and protection. So you can move through the world with confidence. You'll learn to create a relationship with the part of yourself that is there for you. That sets boundaries. And obtainable goals. And instructs you on how to navigate safely in the world.

Module #6

Embodied Movement

You'll discover your birthright to move your body in joy. And look at all those things that interfered with this natural instinct. Whatever usurped your natural drive to move. Simply for the joy of it! Like being raised in a body-shaming culture. One that emphasizes weight-loss as the goal of exercise. And you'll get to find those things that support it. So you can reclaim your birthright. Celebrate you body. And move joyfully through life.

Module #7

Inner Marriage

As we come to the end of the final Moon Module, we re-visit the concept of the inner marriage. So you can create unity between the masculine and feminine aspects of your being. You'll see how to resolve the duality. And end the war. You'll learn balance. So they work together in concert to help you find and feed your inner hungers.

Module #8


You'll get to review and reflect on your recovery journey. See how far you've come. How you've learned to use the language of metaphor to decode your eating behaviors. Discovered inner hungers. And learned how to feed them without using food. Reclaimed your feminine side. And made friends with your instincts, emotions, and intuition. Created inner parents to guide, support and protect you. You learned how to set boundaries and assert your individuality. While connecting with others. So that food is not your only friend. Or enemy. And you discovered how to find and use your voice to speak with clarity, honesty, and kindness. So you don't have to restrict it or stuff it down with food. You have a different way of relating to power. And no longer need "will-power." You can define what recovery is for you. Where ever you are at in your journey.

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