CR shares her experience in the Light of the Moon Cafe' pilot.  Six days remain before the launch of the cafe' and because we like to keep it small and intimate, we have a limited number of spots available.  Be sure to grab a friend and sign up soon!

“Reading “Eating In The Light Of the Moon” and having the opportunity to participate and practice new behaviors in the Cafe Circle is changing my life. It is not a temporary change, there is no going back. I can't un-know what I've learned. A deep cellular “knowing” and “truth” has been kindled inside of me. Reading “Eating in The Light Of The Moon” brings me a sense of calm and comfort I have never known or believed was possible. My ugly shameful and even grotesque disordered eating is morphed into a treasure of glistening gold. The book and cafe give me the tools through metaphor, inspiration and connection to safely see my disordered eating differently. I'm learning to approach myself with courage and compassion. This is the truest experience I've ever had in understanding my internal struggle with food. The facilitators have applied their professional expertise, therapeutic skills and compassionate understanding in crafting a shared and individual journey for your healing. I, personally am indebted. Im grateful that in my exhaustion and exasperation with disordered eating, having tried and given up so many times that I mustered up the courage to invest in my recovery and healing by taking another first step. I hope you will, too!”–CR

See you in the cafe',

Anita & Elisabeth

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