In this video blog I talk about how to use storytelling to help us understand deeper truths that are often buried beneath the struggle with food and eating.


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  • I love this story so much. The “black and white” symbolism is an important theme in my life. And the invisible elements of life like feelings, intuition, impulse and instinct are such major players for me because all those things readily show on my face. I’m super expressive and many people tell me that they can read my thoughts and feelings in my facial expression. I’ve been told to “tone it down” when it comes to being expressive.
    As a teacher, I used to have a sign in my classroom that invisible feelings are equally as important as math, reading and writing. I believe that.

  • Thank you. It was a helpful reminder that it seems easier to concentrate on things that are in front of us rather than address our intuition and inner voice, to cherish who we are from the inside out.

  • I liked the story and the analogy of the invisible realities that we experience, sometimes being overlooked, hidden or ignored when dealing with life. We can “throw” our attention onto only the visible, tangible things and think that somehow, these things are more important or even, the only things that matter in our life. I know, I made my body weight, shape and size the main focal point of my life for years and years and years–nearly 30! Now that I have been sober with my eating practices (that is, for me, not binging and purging and not drastically restricting) for 90 days, I am beginning to see my feelings more clearly and allow myself to feel them and deal with them in different ways. Thank you for your continued guidance on this path of recovery for me.

  • I really enjoyed the story. I think its very interesting the longer I think about the different aspects of the story with the black and white cows and the girl with the basket it takes on so many different meanings for me. I can really identify with the aspect of things getting over looked in my life because of the focus on food and weight and just eating disorder in general. I think that it can be very easy to take advantage of the focus that others also put on the aspects of food and weight and to hide behind those things and pretend like those are the real problems. I agree that some providers can easily get sucked on that train of focusing on those things thus missing the true solutions. Thank you for the story.

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