Self Study Programs By Dr. Anita Johnston

Cracking the Hunger Code

  • Do you wonder why you do what you do with food?
  • Do you find yourself in eating behaviors that make no sense?
  • Have you tried to “just stop” and can’t figure out why you can’t?

The Cracking the Hunger Code course is a series of “mini-plate” offerings. It consists of three main lessons, each with five short teaching videos. There are downloadable audio stories and a journal for you to answer self-reflective questions that are designed to help you use metaphor to solve the mystery of your struggle with eating and body image.

The Essential Recovery Skill

  • Do your feelings or relationships overwhelm you?
  • Do you want to be more comfortable in your own skin?
  • Would you like to stop restricting or stuffing your emotions with food – once and for all?

This Assertiveness: The Essential Recovery Skill course is one of a series of “mini-plate” offerings. It consists of four easy to follow lessons, with short teaching videos and audios, self-reflective questions, and downloadable practice worksheets and journal. So you can learn how to communicate in a way that honors your experience and the experience of others.

The 4 Faces
of the Feminine Psyche

  • Are you looking to go deeper into understanding what motivates you?
  • Are you curious about what forces for healing and growth are available to you and all times – and how you can tap into them?
  • Do you want to be at peace with your body -- regardless of your age?
  • Would you like to claim the gifts that are your birthright?

The Four Faces of the Feminine Psyche consists of 27 lessons with 10 short teaching videos, 8 story audios, self-reflective questions and activities, and a downloadable journal.

understanding food and metaphor

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