Self Study Programs By Dr. Anita Johnston

Cracking the Hunger Code 

(Online Digital Version)

What are the Hours?

Always open 24/7 for your convenience. You can take a self-study course whenever you want and show up as often as you like, participating in all the activities at once, or doing a little here and there. You get to choose.

What’s on the Menu?

The Cracking the Hunger Code course is a series of “mini-plate” offerings. It consists of three main lessons, each with five short teaching videos. There are downloadable audio stories and a journal for you to answer self-reflective questions that are designed to help you use metaphor to solve the mystery of your struggle with eating and body image.

Take out Available?

Once you sign up, the teaching videos are available for you indefinitely. You can watch them over and over if you like. The audios, worksheets, and journal can be downloaded into your personal library, and are yours to keep and review in the comfort of your own home. Forever.

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