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What is the Light of the Moon Café?

A 8 week e-course/support circle for women with eating and weight difficulties, based on the book, Eating in the Light of the Moon, that includes daily emails to participants which contain: audio stories and metaphors, poems, reading, journaling, music and drawing exercises, and also includes a monitored forum in which participants can support each other.

The Next Course starts August 19, 2018

How can it function as an adjunct to individual therapy?

By providing:

  • A working support group (all posts are monitored for appropriateness).
  • A safe place to help clients deepen and expand the work they are already doing with you – through reading, writing, art, and journaling – which they can then bring into individual sessions.
  • Recourse for clients whose insurance coverage is limited or terminated prematurely.
  • A recourse for clients in underserved areas.
  • Aftercare support for those terminating treatment or stepping down from more intensive treatment.
  • Group support for those clients who could benefit from feedback and support, but are hesitant to engage in group activities (communication in the forum is optional).
  • A gentle introduction to the idea that they may be struggling with more than simply eating and weight.
  • An opportunity for clients to explore the issues that may underlie the disordered eating behaviors – and develop a new perspective.
  • A community that combats the toxic messages from the media.
  • Exposure to a culture that encourages positive self-image, embraces body acceptance and diversity, and supports making peace with food.
  • Continued online support for free upon completion of the course.


Want to run a support group but not sure how? 

Let the Café be your group where you can meet up face to face to explore the topics and activities introduced in the online Café.


What does it look like?

Participants who join the Café will receive an instructive/supportive e-mail EVERYDAY for 8 weeks.

Each week will begin with a chapter assignment from Anita Johnston’s book, Eating in the Light of the Moon, followed by daily photos and activities such as: poems to reflect upon, audio recordings of stories and metaphors to listen to, journaling and drawing exercises, and play-lists of inspirational songs.

Every day, there is an opportunity for participants to communicate with each other regarding the daily activity, if they so choose.  They are welcome to participate “quietly” if they are more comfortable with that level of participation.  All comments are monitored for their appropriateness.

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Upon completion of the course, your clients are eligible for participation in a FREE, private, on-going support circle (that is also monitored to ensure only appropriate, non-triggering comments are posted).

Please share this information with any clients who you think might benefit from in-depth exploration and on-going, daily support around many of the issues that are pertinent to their eating and weight struggles.  For a more detailed description of the Light or the Moon Café, please continue to peruse the cafe’ website.

Treating eating disorders takes a village.  Let the Light of the Moon Café be the virtual meeting place for the village.