The New Crescent Moon

We begin by shedding new light on the struggle with eating and food so we can look at it in a new way – one that is infused with understanding, hope, and meaning. In the soft, reflective light of the “new crescent moon” we can gently discover what has been hidden from view, those issues that lie beneath the surface of so many eating difficulties.

This is where we discover personal beliefs developed many years ago (unbeknownst to us) that still contribute to the struggle with food and dieting: family situations (past or present) that continue to affect us, and the cultural conditioning that has secretly been driving disordered eating behaviors for so many women.

Using metaphors and ancient wisdom stories, we reframe the struggle (there is nothing wrong with you!) — so you can see a way out and receive relief, inspiration, and a multitude of “aha” moments that will inspire you to find the lasting freedom from battles with food and dieting that you desire.

The New Moon Weekly Series, MODULE 1 of the Light of the Moon Café, can point you in the right direction so you can step confidently towards a more peaceful life – one that is free from daily eating, and weight struggles.

This is what you can expect:

Week 1: Finding Meaning in Struggles with Eating and Your Body

We invite you to embark on a journey where you explore your own personal history with eating and your relationship to your female body, against the backdrop of eons of cultural influences, so you can view it in a different light. We begin with an exploration of what it means to be an emotionally sensitive and highly intuitive being in a modern culture that does not celebrate those qualities – and how that contributes to the struggle with food and body image. And we welcome you into a circle of women who will be there to support you on your journey.

“Because the story of our life becomes our life, it is important for a woman recovering from disordered eating to review her life’s story and to reframe it with a new understanding of her self and her behavior. In the telling of her story, she can begin to hear her inner truths as they emerge from behind the surface details. She can glimpse the symbolism of her obsession with thinness, her hunger for chocolate, her need to stuff herself. She can speak of struggles with conflict, identity, and desire, not in the hard light of reason, but in the light of the moon, which can softly and gently illuminate her truth.”

Teleconference #1: Live Conversation with Anita: meet & greet, introduction, soul hunger.

Week 2: True Self: Using Metaphor to Crack the Hunger Code

We introduce you to the world of metaphor, where you can learn the coded language of disordered eating. As you crack the code, you will begin to see the hidden function of food and weight obsessions, get a glimpse of what the recovery process will look like for you, and shatter the myth that there is something wrong with you. In this week you will find compassion and hope, as you realize you CAN let go of this.

Week 3. Restoring Balance in Your Psyche

Here we explore the Masculine & Feminine Principles that exist within all of us, regardless of gender — and look at how the yin/yang imbalance within ourselves and within a culture that values logical, linear, goal-oriented activities over emotional, intuitive, relational states of being has a profound impact on our relationship with food and our bodies.

4. Self Awareness: Listening to Your Body

This is the week that we begin to apply some of the concepts that we have been exploring and discussing. Here you will learn how to develop proprioceptive awareness (how to find your physical hunger and satiety signals), and begin a dialogue with your own body, learning to listen to its whispers, and decipher what it is trying to tell you – with curiosity rather than judgment.

Teleconference #2: Live Conversation with Anita: Learn to read body signals, intuitive eating.

5. Body’s Guidance: Discerning Physical and Emotional Hunger

In this week we dive even deeper into distinguishing emotional hunger from physical hunger — in order to stop trying to feed emotional hungers with food or disordered eating behaviors. Here, you will learn how to look at the foods you crave (or fear) through the lens of metaphor, uncover what they represent symbolically to you, and discover your real hungers that lie hidden beneath them.

6. Symbolism: Hunger as metaphor

We continue to explore the symbolic nature of hunger and discover how food can speak to us in the language of metaphor. We discuss how hunger can represent a variety of feelings, needs, and unfulfilled desires — and when we can define our hungers and develop a clear awareness of what we are truly hungry for, we can begin to seek appropriate nourishment.

7. Soul Hunger: Uncovering Deeper Longing

In this week we look at the nature of addiction and how it relates to eating issues, and how emotional and spiritual hungers play a part in obsessions and additions. We explore the urge to eat when not physically hungry as a signal of a different kind of hunger, and how food restriction, exercise addiction, or purging behaviors are attempts to escape from hungers of a different nature that seem insatiable. You will explore how to find and feed your Soul hungers.

8. Body Talk: Bringing New Relationship with Your Body into Your Daily Life

In this final week we explore our relationship with our bodies so we can shift our understanding of the real causes of negative thoughts about our bodies.  Here, you will learn what to do to clear your obsessive thoughts and heal negative body image.

Teleconference #3: Live Conversation with Anita: Finding metaphors of foods you crave and fear.