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The New Crescent Moon program includes an online course with multi-media lessons, live coaching, and a private forum for personalized feedback and support.

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“In the New Crescent Moon course, I was able to shift my paradigm from “I have a food and weight problem” to “I am a whole person who has physical, emotional and spiritual needs.” I came to understand that I was trying to feed my emotional and spiritual hungers with food and was failing terribly because no amount of food, dieting & exercise could ever satisfy an emotional or spiritual need.
For the first time, I feel hopeful about not only making a full recovery but living with peace and wholeness. I surely could not have made the paradigm shift without Anita and the experience of the Cafe.” 

~ L.E., Hawaii

"Finally, a way to move forward in my bumpy road to recovery! This program has given me a roadmap to recovering my lost self from the grips of disordered eating. I learned so much about myself, about my true hungers. I now have a deep trust in my ability to overcome this battle I have been waging with myself for over twenty years. I am no longer my eating disorder. I am a happy woman who is full of hope."

~ C.M., Canada

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"I have gone deeper with this program than in several decades of therapy and spiritual practice, which is what I needed to recover from disordered eating. It helped me face and understand what was holding me back and keeping me addicted. In some ways, I feel my life is just beginning now.."

~L.M., Texas

"If you have ever felt as though you are not enough, that your difficulties with food seem like too much to bear, take heart. For many decades, I experienced difficulties with disordered eating and body acceptance. I was well-acquainted with the feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness that accompany these difficulties. This course launched me into a journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment, and real healing. Recovery from disordered eating is possible!"

~A.T., Kentucky

"Through working through Anita's great work, I have become my authentic self. The feeling that comes from authenticity is INCREDIBLE. It's truly like winning the lottery. It’s improved my marriage, some friendships, and made me available to TRUE relationships I enjoy. Thank you."

~J.C., Colorado

"My relationship with food has changed. Before this course, I had fear and shame about eating certain foods - that I was “bad” if I ate them. Now I have a good relationship with all foods. The judgment around my body has diminished; I am full of gratitude for it. This program has been the biggest life-changing event of my life."

~E.P.C., New Mexico

"This course is just so divinely inspired I am amazed. Coming in, I thought I knew all there was to know about ED recovery. I had been at so many out-patient programs, two inpatient treatment programs, and at 12 step programs. This course took me so much deeper and really allowed for connection with myself. I cannot say enough about the course."

~L.D.M., Canada

“This gentle, insightful, program has led me into greater clarity. and has enabled me to put a full stop to my search for the meaning of my eating and weight. I greatly value the clarity of understanding I now have and I feel deep inside that I don’t need to search any further. "

~G.F.L., South Africa

"This program really, in all honesty, has been life-changing. When I started, I was still in the early stages of recovery from my restrictive eating disorder and had realized that the full-on medical model, almost forced recovery approach was not working for me anymore. In the course I discovered TRUE recovery requires going inward...something I never knew how to do. Each day offered something new that was actually moving me in the direction toward actual recovery rather than a period of limited behaviors mimicking recovery. I am so grateful."

~A.S., Virginia

" This experience kept me grounded and also connected with a circle of supportive woman who are on a similar journey. Looking at food as a metaphor really has shifted my way of relating to my cravings and allowed me to open up a dialogue with myself about what I truly need. Anita's work resonates with my heart and soul."

~H.D., New York

"Prior to taking this course, I had NO hope that I would ever be able to say “recovered”. I only hoped to be able to be recovering. Thanks to this class, I have whole days of being Recovered – and they are heavenly. Thank you for shining your bright light in a world that used to be dark. I am eternally grateful."

~A.A., Georgia

"This course helped me get in touch with the deep reasons why I have disordered eating. The teachings helped me see the way out. The support of doing this with a group of like-minded people gave me additional support and comfort as I made changes in my life to support my new way of being."

~K.A., California

“ I have an eating disorder. I have had it for a long time. I have seen eating disorder therapists and dietitians. I have gone into treatment out of state. I have attended eating disorder support groups. I have read many books. I have much knowledge about eating disorders. And still I felt stuck, hopeless – until I took this class and learned how to look at things differently. This class has simply been wonderful and unlike anything else I have ever tried to help myself with the eating disorder. I now have motivation and hope."

~D.M., Texas

“This is hands down one of the best classes I have ever taken in my life. I understand myself in a new way, a deeper way. My relationship with food has been transformed. And I appreciate myself more, just the way I am."

~K.H., Texas

"This course has been a precious experience for me, a chance to share my inner world in a safe circle of healing. Bringing to light what is often kept hidden and protected has had a transformative power and has allowed me to grow."

~V.R., Italy

"After 15 years of restricting, dieting, and bingeing, I am finally beginning to break free. The course has challenged me, opened me up to creativity, helped me to discover all of the needs that lie beneath my eating struggles, and helped me to discover ways to feed those needs. I am no longer a woman who is timid and afraid and constantly caring for others instead of herself. I am beginning to know myself on a level that I never knew possible and discover the person I was meant to be."

~L.B., USA

I would love to help you create a life that is vibrant, fulfilling, and free from struggles with eating. It takes some commitment, but with a little bit of support, it’s totally possible and absolutely worth it! Come join the amazing circle of women who are transforming their relationships with food using the power of metaphor. 

I look forward to seeing you in the New Crescent Moon course!

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