What's Next in Crescent Moon Café Journey?

In the New Crescent Moon Course, you discovered the power of metaphor and story to reveal meanings hidden beneath your struggle with food.

Now, you can join the Living in the Light of the Moon Community, put these insights into action, and create a whole new relationship with food.

Starts January 14th

Join the Living in the Light of the Moon Journey and …

Integrate and apply the skills you’ve been learning into your daily life

Ongoing weekly coaching with me

Connection to a supportive community so you’re not alone

Keep the momentum you’ve gained moving forward!

  • Do you worry that you won’t be able to implement what you’ve learned?
  • Are you afraid you’ll fall back into old habits?
  • Are you concerned that you can’t do this all by yourself?
  • Do you need more guidance with your specific struggle?

Discover more tools for changing your
relationship with food and your body.

The Living in the Light of the Moon Journey is a place to get the continued support and guidance you need – and so much more.

Imagine ...

Being part of a supportive community of women to cheer you on …

I am now recovered Disordered Eating.

For decades I have dealt with disordered eating.  I have tried every fad diet. Read every book I could about why I couldn't lose weight. Finally, I randomly started listening to Anita on Podcasts. This led me to reading her book. I decided to just take the New Crescent Moon course. Wow. It was eye opening. I did a lot of work on myself but felt I needed more. I ended up doing the entire Journey. I am now recovered from Disordered Eating. 

J.S., Arlington, Virginia 


There is a worldwide movement afoot to change the way women relate to food and their bodies. Come and be a part of it!

Light of the Moon Café Journey

You may have discovered that insight is not always enough to create change in behaviors you have participated in for a long time… 

To change old patterns, it takes a whole community of support – which is why I created the Living in the Light of the Moon online community for women around the world to come together and support each other in this labyrinthian journey towards recovery.

Once you understand what’s beneath the disordered eating, it takes a certain level of skill to catch up with your insights. Skill building takes time and practice (unlike insights which can be instantaneous). It’s easy to get derailed when frustrated and thinking, I know better …. Why do I keep doing this? 

IT’S A JOURNEY: The Living in the Light of the Moon Journey is where the rubber meets the road, and you learn to apply the concepts you learned in the New Crescent Moon, step by step. You’ll develop even more insights into why you do what you do with food, and more skills for doing something different

BY INVITATION ONLY: This circle is open only to those who have taken the New Crescent Moon course and want to continue on the path to full, complete recovery.

In this community, you’ll get support as you cultivate these skills and get the practice and feedback you need to change troublesome behaviors and thoughts.

This is where the magic happens! There is nothing like the power of women gathering in circle for healing.

The Problem

By taking the New Crescent Moon you’ve been able to understand your struggle with eating in a totally different light . BUT......

  • What if you’re having trouble putting what you’ve learned into practice?
  • What if no one else in your life seems to get it?
  • What if you still feel isolated and alone?
  • Where can you find support to “stay the course” when things get tough

The Solution

As a participant in the New Crescent Moon course, you are entitled to join the Living in the Light of the Moon Journey and move, step-by-step, even farther along the path towards full, complete recovery.

  • Skills take time and repetition. The Journey gives you weekly activities where you can get the time you need to practice and share your process.
  • In the forum, you can continue to get support and understanding from your moon sisters – who get what you’ve going through.
  • Our calls are on zoom, with more interaction and continued coaching and support from me when things get tough.


  •  Identifying & developing the skills that you need ...
  • Creating changes in your relationship with yourself & others...
  • Being free of disordered thoughts and behaviors...

Join the Living in the Light of the Moon community and get more insights, skills, and support to help you along the way.

Each day leaving behind a bit of my disordered eating past.

"After reading Eating in the Light of the Moon, I took the New Crescent Moon course. Although the pace was brisk it gave me the depth to begin getting answers to my questions about disordered eating. Upon completion of the New Crescent Moon program, the ongoing Living in the Light of the Moon Journey program was offered. After 50+ years of living in the pain of disordered eating this has enabled me to keep my healing, growth and transformation alive -- each day leaving behind a bit of my disordered eating past."

J.G California



No Long Term Commitment

  •  Weekly Activities
  • Weekly Journals
  • Monthly Calls with Me
  • Access to Ongoing Forum and Community 
  • Early Bird Access to New Programs and Exclusive Access to Special Discounts at the Light of the Moon Cafe



No Long Term Commitment/Cancel at anytime before next payment is due

Community & Support

What if you could get my help in seeing how this fits for you personally?

What if you could join a circle of women who are doing the same thing? I’m not kidding -- the power of women gathering together is awesome. And transformative! 

Weekly Activities

Weekly activities that work through the Eating in the Light of the Moon book.  They include a variety of poems, stories, audios, videos and metaphors that are not included in the book.  They will help you maintain and continue your progress on this recovery journey.

The same format as the New Crescent Moon, but instead of daily activities, they’ll be weekly – to give you more time to apply and integrate what you have learned.

Online Forum

This is the place where you will continue to get consistent coaching from me as we dive deeper into the concepts from Eating in the Light of the Moon.

Here you’ll also get ongoing support from your tribe – a  community of women who are also  traveling this journey with you so you will not feel alone.

Live Calls

We’ll be meeting monthly on zoom to answer any questions you might have and I’ll provide the help you need to keep from getting stuck. With this personalized coaching, you’ll be able to move the needle on your recovery even further towards freedom. The calls are scheduled for 4pm EST and 7pm EST to try to accommodate as many times zones as possible. But if you can’t make it, they’ll be recorded.


You’ll get your own journal for keeping your notes and responses as you go along. This is where you’ll enhance your communication with the most important person on your recovery journey – yourself – and commune with your Inner Wise Woman.


Riding the Waves of Emotion

We begin this series by diving deep into the heart of the matter. Into the realm of emotions.

You'll explore the direct connection between emotions and eating behaviors. And learn a whole new way of relating to your feelings. Here, you'll see your feelings as gateways to wisdom and guidance. Rather than stumbling blocks to avoid or overcome. You'll discover how it's “emotional illiteracy” that leads to struggles with food. And how it's your attempts to block emotions (rather than the feelings themselves) that leads to disordered eating.

Finding Nurture

This is a big one! You'll learn about the “Archetypal Mother” that exists within everyone.

And everywhere. Whether we know it or not. She's the part of us that can give us just the right amount of compassion, guidance, support, and nurture we need. Without Her, we're vulnerable to harsh judgments and criticisms from ourselves (or others.) That's what drives us to seek comfort and solace in food behaviors. You'll learn how to access the powerful nourishment she has to offer — and how to find it elsewhere in your life

Cultivating Inner Wisdom

Here you'll get to understand the nature of “women’s intuition” as a different way of knowing.

You'll learn how to honor and listen to that quiet, inner voice from within. With curiosity. Instead of ignoring it or stuffing down those “gut feelings” with food. You'll reclaim your “inner authority.” And find out what you're really hungry for.

Feminine Cycles

We’ll look at the feminine cycle – from menarche to menopause.

And its powerful relationship to food cravings, mood swings, and negative body image. You'll get to shed many of the feeling of shame and loathing inherited from our culture. Because we weren't taught to value, honor and embrace the most profoundly feminine aspect of our bodies. Here, you'll learn how to appreciate and work with your cyclical nature.

Feminine Sexuality: Desire vs. Desirability

Imagine exploring your feminine sexuality from a personal, subjective perspective. From the inside out.

By focusing on your desires rather than desirability. Our culture objectifies women’s sexuality and defines it by what it “looks like.” So many of us have feelings of confusion, fear, rejection, and sadness around our sexuality. Our disconnect from the deepest part of our feminine nature leaves us with a hunger that we don’t know what to do with. We try to stuff it down with food or starve it so it will go away. Here, you will find ways to recognize and reclaim your own unique sensual, sexual nature. What it "feels like." For you. And free yourself from society’s messages and early experiences where it was not honored.

Relationships: Honoring Self & Others

There's delicate balance between being in relationships with others. And being true to ourselves.

You'll see how tending to the needs of others without acknowledging your own needs leads to deprivation. An ever-present, hunger that nags at you. Constantly. In this week you'll learn how to be attentive and respectful of others. Without losing your voice or your authenticity. Without sacrificing your sense of who you are and what you value.

Assertive: Essential Skill

You'll put it all into action, here. With practical ways to find your voice and speak the truth – in the kindest way possible.

You'll learn the Number One Skill for complete, lasting recovery from disordered eating. Assertive communication. It's absolutely essential! Because this is how you'll embrace the essence of who you really are. And set clear limits. Without being hurtful to others or yourself. Because it gets rid of the constant anxiety (which we try to fend off with eating behaviors) that comes from acting one way when we're feeling another. It'll put you on the path of heart. One which leads you towards people and situations that'll nourish you. And steer you away from those that won't.

Embodiment of the Feminine

What does it mean to be the embodiment of the feminine? To you?

You'll find out here. And see how it gets played out in different stages and phases of your life. You'll discover how women of all ages can connect with the many aspects of the feminine principle. Regardless of their chronological age. And use these energies to heal from disordered eating and negative body image.

Messenger of the Soul

What if the struggle with eating and your body has a deeper meaning than you ever expected? And what if the struggle was really a communication from the deepest part of your being? Your Soul. Would you listen? Our souls don't use regular day-to-day language. They speak to us in symbolism & metaphor. You'll see how disordered eating thoughts and behaviors are soul-filled messages. About your deeper hungers. The hungers of your soul. And you'll discover the hidden parts of yourself that have been starving.

Dream Messages

How can our dreams possibly help with eating struggles? Dreams speak to us in the language of symbolism and metaphor. The very language we need to decode our struggles with eating. And solve the mystery of what we are really hungry for. Through your dreams, you'll see how you hold the answers to your struggles deep within yourself.

The Descent

You'll descend deep into your Being. By summoning up as much curiosity and compassion as you can. And confront all those aspects of yourself you've deemed unworthy of your attention. You'll learn how to befriend and talk to the unconscious parts of your self that know the secret. That know why you do what you do with food. That have the power to heal what has been wounded.

Authentic Power

You'll learn about a whole new kind of power that can change your eating and food behaviors. No, we're not talking about will-power. It's a whole new way of relating to powerful feelings, situations, and relationships. You'll shift your perception of what power is. And where it comes from. And learn how to transform the power-less-ness you feel over food and eating.

Security & Protection

Here you'll get to discover and create your own "Inner Father." This is the aspect of your psyche that provides security and protection. So you can move through the world with confidence. You'll learn to create a relationship with the part of yourself that is there for you. That sets boundaries. And obtainable goals. And instructs you on how to navigate safely in the world.

Creating Union

As we come to the end of the final Moon Module, we re-visit the concept of the inner marriage. So you can create unity between the masculine and feminine aspects of your being. You'll see how to resolve the duality. And end the war. You'll learn balance. So they work together in concert to help you find and feed your inner hungers.

Embodied Movement

You'll discover your birthright to move your body in joy. And look at all those things that interfered with this natural instinct. Whatever usurped your natural drive to move. Simply for the joy of it! Like being raised in a body-shaming culture. One that emphasizes weight-loss as the goal of exercise. And you'll get to find those things that support it. So you can reclaim your birthright. Celebrate you body. And move joyfully through life.


You'll get to review and reflect on your recovery journey. See how far you've come. How you've learned to use the language of metaphor to decode your eating behaviors. Discovered inner hungers. And learned how to feed them without using food. Reclaimed your feminine side. And made friends with your instincts, emotions, and intuition. Created inner parents to guide, support and protect you. You learned how to set boundaries and assert your individuality. While connecting with others. So that food is not your only friend. Or enemy. And you discovered how to find and use your voice to speak with clarity, honesty, and kindness. So you don't have to restrict it or stuff it down with food. You have a different way of relating to power. And no longer need "will-power." You can define what recovery is for you. Where ever you are at in your journey.

Join the Light of the Moon Journey!


No Long Term Commitment

  •  Weekly Activities
  • Weekly Journals
  • Monthly Calls with Me
  • Access to Ongoing Forum and Community 
  • Early Bird Access to New Programs and Exclusive Access to Special Discounts at the Light of the Moon Cafe



No Long Term Commitment/Cancel at anytime before next payment is due

You have to complete the New Crescent Moon course first. If you missed it, you can hop on here to get on the waitlist.


To begin the Living in the Light of the Moon Journey you’ll be given a copy of the materials from the New Crescent Moon that is yours to keep. You’ll be able to use this to review the foundational concepts that we’ll build upon in this community. As you continue this journey, you’ll get to discover – week by week -- how to apply them to your life.

This journey is about Integration. Bringing parts of yourself that you've dismissed, denied, or disregarded into full awareness. So you can consistently apply them to your everyday life.



One of the past participants made a list that we thought we’d share with you. Here’s what she said:
The Light of the Moon Café helped me…
1. Be in a community of like-minded women who want to change our relationship with food, our body and our body image,
2. Identify the beliefs that no longer serve me,
3. Learn to eat without restrictions,
4. Learn to stop eating when I no longer feel physical hunger,
5. Identify what I truly hunger for,
6. Evolve into a love relationship with my body and my body image,
7. Have tools for assertive communication,
8. Apply curiosity instead of judgment,
9. And be patient with myself remembering that recovery takes as long as it takes

You’ll get tons of guidance and support as you explore what you’re really hungry for. And have been trying to feed with food. Or restrict with dieting. You’ll get specific “tools” to help you develop the self-awareness you need. So you can make different choices when tempted to fall back into old, less fulfilling eating patterns.

When does the course start?

The window to join is shortly after the completion of the New Crescent Moon course. PLUS you’ll be eligible for the SUPER Bonuses if you signup early.  This course is only available for enrollment a couple times per year .

How much does it cost?

I tried to make this as affordable as possible – both in terms of time and money. The cost of the subscription is $97 per month  
You can unsubscribe at any time prior to when your next payment is due  

If you choose the annual subscription (and get 2 months free) the cost is $997

How do I pay for the course?

You can pay online through our secure site or by Paypal. 

What materials do I need to Join the Light of the Moon Journey?

We’ll continue using Eating in the Light of the Moon. Downloadable journal pages will be provided. You might want a sketchbook and some art supplies (colored pens & pencils.)

is there a long term contract?

For the month to month or annual subscription you can cancel at any time prior to your next payment.

If I cancel my membership Can I access the Materials?

No you will no longer have access to the materials.  But you can always rejoin when the program re-opens.

Can I get a refund?

For the month to month subscription, you can cancel by contacting info@lightofthemooncafe.com prior to your next payment. For the annual subscription a request needs to be made to cancel the subscription prior to the next annual payment.

What if I have technical difficulties?

If you have a specific technical difficulty, you can contact Ruzuku directly at support@ruzuku.com. For all other questions, please email us at info@lightofthemooncafe.com.

What do I get in this Light of the Moon Journey?

Weekly activities -- just like the daily activities (stories, metaphors, drawing and writing activities, playlist) in the New Crescent Moon but with more time to complete them. We’ll continue to discuss book chapters from Eating in the Light of the Moon – but there’ll be a bunch of chapters that haven’t yet been published (I wrote them after I wrote Eating in the Light of the Moon). And some awesome videos.

Ready to Join the Light of the Moon Journey?

About  Anita

Hey, you already know me and that I’m a clinical psychologist with a passion for working with eating difficulties for over thirty-five years, I am thrilled to have written a book that touches millions of women around the world.

I love helping women like you find freedom from struggles with eating -- and create a fulfilling meaningful life.

For many years I had been asked if I would create a workbook for Eating in the Light of the Moon. This seemed inspiring, creative, and meaningful to me! I loved the idea of helping even more women break free from struggles with eating. And find true nourishment.

I opened the doors to the Light of the Moon Cafe over six years ago. And it has grown beyond my wildest dream!

Now women with busy schedules come to the Cafe at any time of the day. They move at their own pace. And hop on a forum to receive support from each other. I love responding to the comments in the forum and hopping on the live calls!

Thousands of women from across the US and around the world have met at the Cafe. And have found freedom by looking at their struggle in an entirely new way.

They learned how to recognize deeper hungers and receive true nourishment. They found how to break free from eating and body image distress. They discovered how to feed their Soul.

Now I’ve created a new way for you to immerse yourself in these teachings more consistently, week after week. For as long as you like. In the Living in the Light of the Moon subscription community, we continue to explore ways to break free from struggles with eating through weekly activities and live calls.

It's set up so that women like you with busy schedules can come to the Cafe at any time of the day. Move at your own pace. And receive support from a circle of women who breaking free and finding true nourishment. 

You are invited to join us. I would love to see you there. Come journey with us and Live in the Light of the Moon.