Imagine walking frequently down a street where a building is being constructed. Day after day, for many months, you pass by what seems to be an empty lot. And then one day, rather suddenly, up goes some scaffolding, and before you know it, a huge building appears. It seems as though it went up overnight.

This is not unlike the recovery process from disordered eating. For a long time it seems as though nothing is happening, no progress is being made. But in actuality, much is happening. It’s just that it’s been taking place in the realm of the invisible.

As with the building, much time needs to go into the preparation, into planning, and laying a foundation that can fully support a new structure, one that can last over time.

Some days it may seem like there is no progress being made, or even, that you are moving backward, but trust that this is not the case. Each day brings an invitation to continue on from where you are. To keep beginning.



  • Ohhhhhhh… Such an luminous message. Thank you Anita! In the last months I’m facing some difficulties with bulimia after more then 2 years of recovery… I’m learning from my fears…. I was start trusting my body as far as the message around food are concern…. But now my period is back after 20 years more or less and my body is facing a big transformation in the way it is functioning and feeling…. There are days in which is difficult to recognize “myself”in it(and I look at it with criticism and judgment like a different object, creating a fracture inside) or others in which I’m not sure whether it is working” properly “. I guess I look for food and rejection as a metaphor to take” back”my control over it… I guess this relapses are hints in my journey to find a deeper and deeper trust in the wisdom of my body.
    Thanks a lot for this item of today

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    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Dr. Anita Johnston


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