WOW!!! This episode is a must-listen, especially for those in eating disorder recovery or dealing with any kind of disordered eating. In just one hour, Dr. Anita will enlighten you with her wisdom, humor, and helpful tools for healing your relationship with food.

You will learn…

  • how disordered eating can be healed through spiritual stories and metaphors
  • why an eating disorder is a unique type of addiction
  • the role of “power” in one’s struggle with food
  • how to uncover symbolic meanings in food
  • why recovery is FUN!
  • how to find your hunger and fullness cues
  • and so. much. more.

Remember: full recovery is possible (this is coming from a renowned psychologist who runs a residential treatment center and has helped thousands of people recover for good).

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Anita Johnston, Ph.D., is a Depth Psychologist, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, and author of Eating in the Light of the Moon: How Women Can Transform Their Relationships with Food Through Myth, Metaphor, and Storytelling, which has been published in seven languages. A pioneer in the field, Dr. Johnston has been treating eating difficulties and body image distress for over 35 years. She has developed eating disorder programs nationally and internationally and currently serves as Founder & Executive Director of ‘Ai Pono Hawaii Eating Disorders Programs which has a Residential Program in Maui. She is the co-creator of the Light of the Moon Café, an online resource with interactive and self- study courses for women around the world.

As a recognized international workshop presenter, Dr. Johnston lectures globally to professional organizations, conferences, universities, medical institutions, and the community at large and provides virtual consultations. She is best known for integrating metaphor and storytelling into her training as a clinical psychologist to explain the complex issues that underlie disordered eating behavior and other struggles with eating and body image. You can find Dr. Anita at

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