May 31

Fearless Rebelle PodCast With Summer Innanen

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Fearless Rebelle PodCast With Summer Innanen

I was recently interviewed by Summer Innanen on the  Fearless Rebelle Podcast.

We discuss The Psychology Of Body Image & Eating.

Key Points of the Podcast:

  • How we lose the capacity to be intuitive and express who we are as children and why this influences our relationship with food and our bodies,
  • The masculine systems that contribute to the suppression of our emotions and intuition and their influence on the way we feel about ourselves,
  • The neuroscience of why we feel bad about ourselves and how to change it,
  • The contract between belonging and fitting in and why the desire to fit in creates a disconnect from who we are,
  • Three questions to ask yourself to get in touch with who you are and what you desire,
  • Why loneliness is really about a disconnection from ourselves versus a disconnection from others,
  • The gifts of PMS,
  • The art of feeling feelings and why it’s necessary
  • Plus so much more!

I would love to hear what you think, share a comment below!





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  • I loved this podcast so much! I actually want to hear it again because it is so filled with information that I personally am working on with myself. Thank you so much! Your stories and interpretations are rich, wonderful and healing.

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