Depending upon where you live, you may be able to witness the upcoming solar eclipse on April 4th. A number of years ago, I was able to experience this awesome celestial event and it took my breath away.

It’s really a profoundly intimate moment, this meeting of the Sun and the Moon, one that has held great significance for many indigenous cultures, and revered as a powerful time for transformation. 

Here is a vlog I made back then when I got so excited because metaphorically, when the Moon (as a representation of the Feminine Principle) eclipses the Sun (symbolic of the Masculine Principle) these energies come into union. Just for a moment.

When the Moon and the Sun come together, there is this moment here on Earth where we get the most incredible show. We can “see” what it's like when the two “marry” — when the Feminine Principle is united with the Masculine Principle. 

It's quite an incredible phenomenon, one that has awed humans for eons.

It’s symbolic of this powerful place of balance between two aspects of ourselves within our own psyche.

When the light of the Sun is overshadowed by the Moon we can bear its brightness, see its shadow,
and not get fried by its intensity.

This is the job of the Feminine Principle (the emotional, intuitive, relational aspect of our being) that brings balance to our Masculine (our fierce, bright, logical, linear approach to life). 

And at a time of an eclipse, we are reminded of the astounding beauty of the two in balance. 

When the Moon “eclipses” the Sun, it creates shadows. 

The shadows that are cast are interesting because shadows reveal to us what can’t be seen with only the bright light of the sun. The shadows can reveal that which is “otherworldly” and cosmic in nature.

During an eclipse you can see all these crescent moon shapes on the ground everywhere, which I find significant because the new crescent moon is the symbol for new beginnings. 

So, this is a time to see your shadow self, the parts of yourself that you haven't yet fully claimed or embraced … so you can become whole and begin something new.

The moon and the sun coming together in this way provides us with an image of a new beginning — in a way that we can actually see it unfolding in the cosmos. 

I invite you to use the time of this eclipse to contemplate:

What might be a new beginning for you?

What might it mean for you when your inner feminine and your inner masculine come together?
What can you see in a new and different light?
How might the eclipse assist you in beginning something new?

Change is afoot. And the feminine is doing her part in creating this change,
I find that hopeful.

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