Wondering what is being served up at the Light of the Moon Café?

Each week, Elisabeth and Anita will assign a chapter from Eating in the Light of the Moon. The rest of the week will build upon the concepts in that chapter. Here’s what you can expect each day as the class unfolds:


  • We begin with the assigned reading—the “special of the day.” Hopefully, you might have a little extra time on the weekend to curl up and immerse yourself in the book. If not, take some time throughout the week to finish the chapter.


  • We start off with an appetizer—a little bit of inspiration designed to keep you hopeful and connected to what matters most.


  • We serve up a story for the main course. Listen to Anita’s voice as she draws you into the world of storytelling, accompanied by Emmy Award winning musician, Tom Wasinger, playing musical instruments from around the world. Allow yourself to feed your soul with these ancient stories and sounds produced by Robin Richardson.


  • We offer up downloadable “story questions” designed to help you reflect upon your thoughts, feelings, and experiences so you can savor the deeper meanings of the stories, take them into your heart, and experience them at a more personal level.
  • Three Wednesday’s Anita & Elisabeth will host an hour long teleconference to discuss the material.


  • Another tasty tidbit—an audio recording from Anita (by Wasinger &  Richardson) as she invites you to follow along on a metaphoric journey into and out of the labyrinth of recovery.


  • We make time for an after dinner activity to help you connect with your most authentic self. These activities will help you take the insights you are having deep into your Being, where your soul can be even more fully nourished. We encourage you to give yourself the gift of time to complete the activity, ponder its meaning and interact with your journal.


  • Sweet dessert! Here we serve suggestions on how to create sacred space of exquisite beauty and gorgeous music—that you can turn to whenever you feel depleted and hungry for spiritual nourishment. Enjoy!

All of this is offered up within a circle of women who gather regularly to commune at the Cafe. There is an on-going discussion forum where you are encouraged to share as much or as little about your experience that you are comfortable with. It is an exquisite opportunity to make the journey towards recovery and freedom in the company of kindred spirits from around the world.