Cracking the Hunger Code

The perfect place to solve your eating mystery

Do you wonder why you do what you do with food?

Do you find yourself in eating behaviors that make no sense?

Have you tried to “just stop” and can’t figure out why you can’t?

Then this self-study is the course for you!

“Your guidance has enabled me to put a full stop to my search for the meaning of my eating and weight. I greatly value the clarity of understanding I now have. I do still have to work at being conscious of my feelings and the metaphors in my own life experience and my foods. You have given me great processes and tools for achieving the clarity I was looking for. Thank you”.

G.F.L., South Africa

“I do recommend this program to people who have any struggles of eating or even any interests of finding out themselves better …”

M.Y. Japan

Available 24/7 - 365 Days a Year

You’ll discover how the answers to these questions are hidden in the very foods you crave or fear. But they’re coded! And you have to crack the code.

In this course, I’ll show you how. (It’s easier than you think)

You’ll find the hidden reasons you eat when you’re not hungry, keep on eating when you’re full, or won’t let yourself eat when you are hungry.

“Anita is so inspiring and so passionate about her work and has so much compassion with everyone she works with and meets. Being able to hear Anita crack the food code with metaphors is so amazing.... she is so spot on with defining what you are truly craving for in your life. It is so cool to find out that the food I was either restricting or craving had to do with things in my life now or in my childhood that I wanted and/or needed but didn't get”.

K.C North Carolina, USA

What are the Hours? Always open 24/7 for your convenience. You can take this self-study course whenever you want, show up as often as you like, take part in all the activities at once, or do a little here and there. You get to choose.

What’s on the Menu? The Cracking the Hunger Code course is a series of “mini-plate” offerings. It consists of three main lessons, each with five short teaching videos, downloadable audio stories, and a journal for you to answer self-reflective questions. So you can solve the mystery of your struggle with food.

Take out Available? Once you sign up, the teaching videos are available for you indefinitely. You can watch them over and over if you like. The audios, worksheets, and journal can be downloaded into your personal library, and are yours to keep and review in the comfort of your own home. Forever.

Here is what You Get:

Digital Online Course w/Printable Material

  • 15 short videos and audios showing you how to use metaphor to discover the hidden meaning behind the foods and eating patterns you struggle with
  • An online and downloadable workbook to walk you through the process, step by step
  • Worksheets you can download to guide you along
  • Indefinite access to the course materials so you can always go back and review.

“Looking at food as a metaphor really has shifted my way of relating to my cravings and allowed me to open up a dialogue with myself about what I truly need. Anita's work resonates with my heart and soul”.

H.D. New York

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