The Feminine is Rising

We are living in extraordinary times.

The feminine is emerging from all the places in which she has been hidden, safely tucked away from eons of dismissal, denial, degradation, and violence. If you use your inner sight, you can see the feminine rising up from the oceanic depths of our collective unconscious, like a full moon shimmering on the horizon of our awareness.

The feminine is rising, breaking free of genderized chains so she can be discovered and felt within the heart of all of us. All humans, males, females, nonbinary and gender fluid, are giving voice to the feminine principle that exists within all of us.

No longer hidden in the dark and contained in whispers, the feminine is growing in our awareness as individuals and as a collective. She shines a soft reflective light and illuminates deeper truths so we can heal.

One by one, we are linking arms and beginning to speak out loud against those who have criticized us for being "too sensitive" whenever we express our tender feelings. We are claiming our inner knowing as valid, standing tall when our intuitive hunches are scoffed at. We are beginning to question and push back against forces that attempt to seduce us into following the dictates of the latest weight-loss diets which cause us to deny the instinctual wisdom of our bodies. We are beginning to seek ways to move our bodies joyfully and to honor their needs for rest, rather than engaging in some punishing exercise regime or avoiding movement altogether. We are standing up for diversity and the inherent worth of all bodies. No matter what.

We are discovering the path of recovery is one of heart, curiosity, and self-compassion, now recognizing that self-loathing cannot take us in the direction we want to go.

You can hear the song of the feminine in the chorus of women’s voice saying, "Me too!", in the demands to care for our Mother Earth, and in the calls to bring justice to those who have been marginalized, all those not given a place at the table. The feminine knows there is enough for everyone to feast on the bounty that life has to offer. The feminine knows that you are enough – just the way you are.

Make no mistake about it, there is a movement afoot. Will you join? The feminine is here, beckoning you to participate in this awakening. The festivities are beginning and you are invited. Stay tuned ...

There’s a river of birds in migration
A nation of women with wings.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Join in the discussion below!

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