When A Woman Enters the Labyrinth Of Recovery

“When a woman enters the labyrinth of recovery she follows a twisting, turning, winding path to her center where she reclaims her inner authority. Finding the essence of who she is as a woman, she exits the labyrinth, integrating this vision with a new way of being in the world.”


            Do you think of your path to recovery from disordered eating as a maze? Have you been afraid of taking a wrong turn as you journey to recovery? Do you walk with a fear of relapsing, of having to start over, or a deep fear that you will never find the way out? Many carry this fear and look at recovery as a puzzle that needs to be to figured out and done correctly.

In the Light of the Moon Café, however, we view recovery as a Labyrinth. A labyrinth differs from a maze in that the labyrinth has only one path to its center. There are no wrong turns, no mistakes. At times the labyrinth can feel frustrating and disorienting, just as our journeys to recovery can be. The labyrinth’s path loops back upon itself, and although we are always getting closer to the center, at times it can seem as though the path is taking us further from our goal or back to a place we have already visited. At the Café’ we recognize that sometimes we need to revisit issues we have already processed at another level, at another place on our path.


The great thing about the labyrinth is that you can never truly be lost. If you slow down and simply place one foot in front of the other, you will continue to make progress. Unlike the maze, there is […]

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“An incredible journey of the heart, mind, soul, body, and stomach…”

A recent graduate had this to say about her experience in the cafe’:

“An incredible journey of the heart, mind, soul, body, and stomach. This was a life changing experience in which I had the opportunity to explore the elements that lead to an eating disorder and ways to heal on a deep level. I am eternally grateful. The group was also an unexpected and amazing support.” – Anonymous, NY, NY

Click here to read more testimonials.  Next class begins August 31, 2014, please join us.  Learn more at https://lightofthemooncafe.com/.

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“I am so happy that I gave myself the gift of the Light of the Moon Cafe….”

I am so incredibly grateful for these last 20 weeks and for the community that has been created here.  I have felt at home in this circle and in the land of metaphor. Things are slowly changing for me as I continue through the labyrinth, and I have been deeply affected by the themes and stories we explored.  This was a brand new experience in looking at my eating disorder and that is saying a lot as I have been working with my ED for 30+ years.  I am so happy that I gave myself the gift of the Light of the Moon Cafe.  I want to thank you all for walking this path with me, thank you for sharing with me, inspiring me, supporting and listening to me – the strong and supportive community has been an incredible gift that I wasn’t expecting.  The healing and exploration that happened in the Cafe will continue to ripple out into my life for years to come.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  -SK, San Diego, CA

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“The Light of the Moon Cafe was the most transformative and supportive healing circle I have ever been part of…”

DG just completed the 20 week Light of the Moon Cafe’ online e-course/support circle.  Read her compelling testimony, grab a friend and join us in our next healing circle that begins July 6th.

“The Light of the Moon Cafe was the most transformative and supportive healing circle I have ever been part of. I have struggled with an eating disorder for decades and finally found a place where true healing could take place. There was never any pressure or judgement. I simply showed up by opening the day’s lesson and did my best to complete it. The support and wisdom offered from the other women was beautiful. The women participating were of all ages which allowed for many different perspectives. The wisdom spoke right through the age of the woman speaking. I would recommend, with my whole heart ,this 20 week program. It was priceless. For those who suffer with the different forms that an eating disorder takes, this course is like coming to the safest most supportive home you could imagine. -DG, Alford, MA.

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Becoming Body Whisperers

We’re so inspired and touched by the depth and breadth of the responses from the women who have joined the Café and are shining their light for each other, as together they navigate the labyrinthine path towards freedom from eating struggles.  This week we are beginning the process of teasing apart the different kinds of hunger.  Just as some indigenous cultures have many words for snow and we have only one, so it is with the concept of hunger.  How many kinds of hunger are there, really, and how can we tell them apart?  And how many ways can we feel “full” in our lives?  We are beginning with identifying the different sensations for physical hunger and where we feel them in our bodies, learning how to listen to the “whispers” (and not just the shouts), and to stealthily track any thoughts and feelings that might distract us from hearing the messages our bodies are sending.

Anita & Elisabeth

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We’re Going Global!

It has been so exciting to see women of all ages from around the world show up at the Café.  Thus far, we have had women from Canada, Australia, England, Guatemala, and all across the US  (from Hawaii to the East Coast) participate in the Cafe.  When women gather together in circle to support each other and connect heart to heart, geography and time zones vanish.  In this world beyond time and space, souls can be fed.  Come join us!

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Testimonial from a Cafe’ Pilot Participant

CR shares her experience in the Light of the Moon Cafe’ pilot.  Six days remain before the launch of the cafe’ and because we like to keep it small and intimate, we have a limited number of spots available.  Be sure to grab a friend and sign up soon!

“Reading “Eating In The Light Of the Moon” and having the opportunity to participate and practice new behaviors in the Cafe Circle is changing my life. It is not a temporary change, there is no going back. I can’t un-know what I’ve learned. A deep cellular “knowing” and “truth” has been kindled inside of me. Reading “Eating in The Light Of The Moon” brings me a sense of calm and comfort I have never known or believed was possible. My ugly shameful and even grotesque disordered eating is morphed into a treasure of glistening gold. The book and cafe give me the tools through metaphor, inspiration and connection to safely see my disordered eating differently. I’m learning to approach myself with courage and compassion. This is the truest experience I’ve ever had in understanding my internal struggle with food. The facilitators have applied their professional expertise, therapeutic skills and compassionate understanding in crafting a shared and individual journey for your healing. I, personally am indebted. Im grateful that in my exhaustion and exasperation with disordered eating, having tried and given up so many times that I mustered up the courage to invest in my recovery and healing by taking another first step. I hope you will, too!”–CR

See you in the cafe’,

Anita & Elisabeth

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Register today!

Register for Light of the Moon Cafe—January 5, 2014
Participants, get more details and enroll!

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Welcome to the Café.

Thanks for visiting!
Keep your eye on the blog, more café news coming soon….

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