The Beauty of the Unseen Moon

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In this 8-week course we dive deeper into those hidden aspects of your psyche that might be getting in the way of your finding complete, total freedom from food and weight difficulties.  You will discover how to work with the attributes of your inner masculine (the logical, practical aspect of your self) and learn the skills you need in order to move safely and confidently in the world — so that you won’t need to use food to numb, buffer, or isolate yourself any longer.  We will explore what true recovery is, what it takes to get there, and how to integrate all the new understanding and skills you have learned into your daily life.

The Waning Moon Weekly Series, MODULE 3 of the Light of the Moon Café, is about integration — bringing together parts of yourself that have not yet come into full awareness so they can be seen for what they really are: valuable aspects of your being. It is designed to help you go deeper into unconscious parts of your psyche, using inner vision and in-sight to find those parts of yourself that have been devalued, dismissed, or disowned – and have been clamoring for your attention via eating behaviors or food and weight obsessions.

dark-moon-cafe-imageThe Beauty of the Unseen Moon

The Dark Moon helps us develop “night vision” so we can see obstacles that have been hidden from view, or find clues that can assist us on our journey.

In this Series, we uncover and identify what it is that is getting in the way of finding lasting freedom from struggles with food and weight issues.  In the shadow of the moon, we can uncover what has, up until now, remained unseen and out of our awareness – those aspects of our psyche that need to be brought to the light in order be wholly and completely free from food and weight obsessions.

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Here we explore the nature of “recovery” and affirm that full and complete recovery from eating difficulties, and food and weight obsessions is possible.

Week 1. Eating Difficulties as Messengers

We begin with the idea that perhaps the struggle with eating and our bodies has even deeper meaning than we originally expected – and that whatever the struggle is for us could be a communication from the deepest part of our being – our soul. Because our souls do not use our regular day-to-day language, and speak to us in symbolism & metaphor we fail to see the disordered eating thoughts and behaviors as soul-filled messages about our deeper hungers – the hungers of the soul. We discover the hidden parts of ourselves that have been starving.

Week 2. Following our Dreams

We begin with an exploration of our dreams – because dreams speak to us in the language of symbolism and metaphor, the very language we need to decode our struggles with eating, and solve the mystery of what we are really hungry for. It is through exploring our dreams that we can discover how profoundly we hold the answers to our struggles deep within ourselves.

Week 3. The Descent

This is the week that we descend deep into our being to confront – with kindness and compassion – all those aspects of ourselves that we have deemed unworthy of our attention. Here, we learn to befriend and communicate with the unconscious parts of ourselves that know why we do what we do with food and have the power to heal what has been wounded.

Week 4. Authentic Power

In this week we explore a new concept of power – one which can transform the sense of power-less-ness that comes with struggling with food and weight. Here you will learn a whole new way of relating to powerful feelings, situations, and relationships – one which can shift your perception about power so you can claim a feeling of personal power that is based on abundance and cooperation, rather than scarcity and competition. One that can change the way you experience your life.

Week 5. Creating Safety & Protection

We introduce the concept of the “inner father” in this week – that aspect of our psyche that provides security and protection. Here you will learn to create a relationship with the part of yourself that sets boundaries and obtainable goals, and instructs you on how to navigate safely in the world.

Week 6. Embodied Movement

This week we explore our birthright to move our bodies in joy, and explore the myriad of factors that have interfered with this natural instinct, as well as those that have supported it. We look at all those experiences that have usurped our natural drive to move — simply for the joy of movement – including the experience of being raised in a body-shaming culture that continually emphasizes weight-loss as the goal of exercise. Here we show how to reclaim our birthright to celebrate our bodies and move joyfully through life.

Week 7. Inner Marriage

In this week, we re-visit the concept of the inner marriage, to explore how to create unity between the masculine and feminine aspects of our being – so that they are balanced and working in concert to help you find and feed your inner hungers.

Week 8. Recovery

In this final week of online, daily activities we reflect upon what recovery is and how far you have come in your journey: using the language of metaphor to decode your eating behaviors, reclaiming your feminine side, trusting your intuition, using your voice to speak honestly and kindly, asserting your individuality while connecting with others, cultivating a relationship with yourself that is nurturing and protective, finding balance, and stepping into empowerment. You are encouraged to define what recovery is for you and to appreciate wherever you are in your journey.

Only $497

Join Now (Class Starts January 27, 2019)