Show UpThe cultural anthropologist, Angeles Arrien, once said that a good guide for dealing with life and the storms that show up is fourfold:

One, show up.

Two, pay attention.

Three, tell the truth.

And four, don’t get attached to the results.

Show Up

Showing up means being fully present. To not numb out, not distract, not avoid, but to fully, completely show up.

Pay Attention

To pay attention means to attend to not just what’s going on outside of yourself, but also inside of yourself. To tune in, as well. Pay attention.

Tell the Truth

To tell the truth means speaking your truth in the kindest way possible. Assertively. It means identifying, accepting, and expressing what you are feeling, and speaking it in a way that is respectful towards your experience and the experience of others.

Don't Get Attached to the Results

And then the final, the hardest, don’t get attached to the results. Because you see, the results are not yours. I’m not in control of whether or not it rains. I am in control of how I’m going to respond to it, how I’m going to react to it.

So, to not get attached to the results, especially when life misbehaves itself and doesn’t do what we think it ought to do, is an important part of weathering the storm.

We can’t get attached to the results because the results are not ours. There are certain things in life, we are not in control of. All kinds of stuff simply gets sent our way. But what we can do is we can be fully present to life.

We can show up.
And we can pay attention to what’s going on outside and inside.
And we can tell the truth in the kindest way possible.



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