“When we lose our job, the soul throws a party.” - Carl Jung

There are many ways to rephrase Jung’s quote (see also: “a blessing in disguise”) but I rather like his wording because it implies there’s a part of our self that embraces change, wants to grow, and values challenging experiences—no matter how frightening or painful they may be. And while this part of our self may be one we’re not yet acquainted with, she still has wants and needs that are satisfied by things other than what we consciously desire.

The ego versus the soul

Our ego-bound personalities are most comfortable being, well, comfortable. This is why we spend so much time and energy creating (and then staying securely within) the proverbial “comfort zone.” Along the way, we learn to reject anything that would disrupt or distract from this quest for constant comfort. We cater to this part of our self—our ego—by doing everything we can to always feel safe, no matter what. And while this is not necessarily a bad thing (we all want to feel physically and emotionally safe, don’t we?) it does ignore that part of our self that craves new experiences and change (remember her?)

If you’ve been feeling bored or restless or stuck, it may just be because you’ve been ignoring that part of your authentic self—thereby not receiving everything your soul is craving. By prioritizing comfort above all other desires, you may be missing an important piece of the happiness puzzle. If you’re lucky, this is when the universe steps in to shake things up by unexpectedly taking something away or adding something new.

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

Sure, change is scary sometimes. But so is suffocation. If you’re feeling the latter, it may well be that the wisdom of your soul has recognized that you’ve outgrown a situation or relationship that no longer supports growth. Once something stops supporting growth, it starts to hold us back instead.

As Jung’s quote reminds us, the soul was designed to celebrate—even when other parts of our self are late to the party. The soul looks for any opportunity to move us toward our destiny, to expand our horizons, and to become who we are meant to be.

When you receive an invitation to your soul’s party, take it and go—even if (especially if!) the party is outside of your comfort zone.

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