Your Own Personal Experience

il_570xNThis class is designed so you can move at your own pace, according to your own schedule. There aren’t any set times that we gather. Although you will receive an email every day and we will have activities scheduled for certain days, there won’t be any specific times when you need to be online to participate.

Some of the daily offerings are brief—an inspirational quote to ponder, or a two minute metaphor to listen to, others require a little more time—a book chapter to read, or a writing or drawing activity.

The activities remain posted online, so you can return at any time to those you might not have the time to do on the day you receive them.

If you are needing to miss a week or two due to vacation or some unanticipated interruption, there is plenty of opportunity to “catch up.”

Each time a new lesson is added, you’ll receive a copy of it in your email inbox. With each activity, you’ll have the opportunity to comment on the material presented. Choose the level of participation that feels most comfortable to you.

The Light of the Moon Café is designed to be a very personal experience and participation in the circle is NOT required. Some of you may really enjoy connecting with the others in the community; others might prefer to follow along privately without saying a word. It is your choice.

What to Bring to the Table?

Required Reading

  • Eating in the Light of the Moon, by Dr. Anita Johnston

A Personal Journal

  • Although you will receive downloadable handouts, we recommend that you keep a personal journal to jot down whatever insights and inspirational thoughts you receive while you are in this class.

Writing and Art Supplies

  • You will be encouraged to gather up a few art supplies such as a sketchbook, colored pens and pencils to use for the activities.  None of the activities require any particular “artistic talent” to accomplish.


  • From time to time we will suggest that you create your own ambience for the Cafe by bringing soothing or joyful  music to listen to.  We will also offer suggestions of songs for inspiration and healing.

Your Heart

  • Together we will be feasting on healing imagery and experiences that deepen our understanding of struggles with food and eating — and we will be creating a women’s support circle to accompany us as we journey towards freedom.