The courses in the Light of the Moon Café are based on Anita Johnston’s best-selling book, Eating in the Light of the Moon which has been translated into six languages.

The Self-Study course at the Café, Cracking the Hunger Code, consists of three lessons, each containing five instructional videos, audio stories, worksheets, and a personal journal to follow along through the course, step by step.  It is designed to help you discover the hidden meaning behind your struggles with food and eating. The videos will be available indefinitely and the course materials are yours to keep.

The Live Moon Circle classes in the Café are created as an interactive, multi-media, “work book” for Eating in the Light of the Moon, a book that has helped millions of women preoccupied with eating difficulties discover and address the issues behind their struggle with food.

Here, the book chapters come to life with lively audio and video recordings of Anita telling the stories and metaphors from the book, an interactive forum where she responds to every comment, and live Q&A calls.

Plus, there are brand new chapters that have not yet been published!  The daily activities of each week focus on the corresponding book chapters and are designed to help you take the material deeper in your understanding of how these concepts play out in your personal life.

The interactive forum is much like an online book club and virtual support circle — where women from around the world can gather to discuss the book chapters and share their experiences and reactions.  But here, the author chimes in and responds to all of the postings!