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Hi, I’m Dr. Anita Johnston

A clinical psychologist with a passion for working with eating difficulties for over thirty-five years, I am thrilled to have written a book that touches millions of women around the world.

Eating in the Light of the Moon
Eating Under the Light of the Moon Dutch
Eating Under the Light of the Moon Korean
Eating Under the Light of the Moon
Eating Under the Light of the Moon Japanese

I love helping women like you find freedom from struggles with eating -- and create a fulfilling meaningful life.

For many years I had been asked if I would create a workbook for Eating in the Light of the Moon.

People wanted to explore the concepts in the book more deeply and learn how to apply them in their personal lives. But I couldn’t figure out an inspiring, creative, beautiful, and meaningful way to do that. Until now.

My friend and colleague, dietitian Elisabeth Peterson, had created women's support circles for Eating in the Light of the Moon. But she couldn't keep up with the demand. So she asked me: "Do you think we could create women's circles on line? So more women, from anywhere in the country or around the world could have affordable access?"

This seemed inspiring, creative, and meaningful to me! I loved the idea of helping even more women break free from struggles with eating. And find true nourishment.

We decided to give it a go. We spent a year finding the right platform. Then we gathered all the material we had found helpful over the last 30 years. Reading, drawing and writing activities, beautiful images, inspirational poetry and world music. And storytelling recorded by Grammy award-winning musician, Tom Wasinger (produced by Robin Richardson.)

We opened the doors to the Light of the Moon Cafe over six years ago. And it has grown beyond our wildest dreams!

Now women with busy schedules come to the Cafe at any time of the day. They move at their own pace. And hop on a forum to receive support from each other. I respond to comments daily and have live calls in each of the courses.

Thousands of women from across the US and around the world have met at the Cafe. And have found freedom by looking at their struggle in an entirely new way.

They learned how to recognize deeper hungers and receive true nourishment. They found how to break free from eating and body image distress. They discovered how to feed their Soul.

Which bring me to you. If this is something you are craving, I would love to meet up with you at the Café.

What Others are Saying..

"I once thought that I would never really be free from my eating disorder, that there would always be something "wrong" with me. First, I read Eating in the Light of the Moon and saw for the first time that there's nothing wrong with me, that finding and accepting myself is at the core of recovery. The hard part was trying to integrate that knowledge into my heart, mind, body and soul. That's where LOTMC came in. Doing the Cafe coursework sparked insights, discoveries, and vulnerabilities that I was able to bring to my therapy sessions and gave me the support that I needed to dig deeper and face all of the fears I held onto that perpetuated the disordered eating. The power of connecting with other women who are traveling the same path in life and have felt the pain of disordered eating and are working towards recovery helped me to feel more powerful when I really felt very weakened. Even when I felt like I couldn't do it anymore, I still came back to the Cafe and felt the support of everyone that gave me that strength that I needed. There were many times where I sat at my computer typing in tears because I was able to really feel my emotions and be safe enough in this space to express myself openly. I can't thank Anita, Elizabeth, and all of my soul sisters enough! "

NV, Yucca Valley, CA, USA 

"Despite 10+ years of great therapy, and 12 step fellowship, I have never quite been able to achieve what I have in just 8 weeks of this course. Every week was a new topic that allowed me to gently and objectively see those areas of myself that still had wounds. It helped to expose the distorted thinking I had about past events in my life that kept me stuck in my disordered eating. Through this class the most valuable things I learned are to trust in and value myself, to further heal past traumas, and that there are so many of "US' out there, waiting to find each other. We are not alone- not at all- we just think we are. I got to meet really incredible people, who are just like me. This course forever changed my thinking and gave me the courage to live my authentic life. It led me by the hand out of the dark depths of disordered eating and into the light. I am strong now- and my eating disorder is weak. Much love to Anita, Elizabeth and my fellow Wise Women!"

~ TF, Valatie, NY

It is really hard to put into words the profound effect of being on this journey of discovery with Light of the Moon Cafe. I am happier, stronger, more joyful and more engaged in living my life. I no longer feel stuck. I have been given the tools and resources to make living my life in full recovery a reality. My Eating Disorder no longer rules my life. Thoughts of food and self-loathing do not take up most of the minutes of my day anymore. At the end of this part of the journey I feel like I am really living and breathing again. My once narrow life has expanded to include choices and possibilities I thought were lost to me. I feel human again. I am o.k. I have always been o.k. Now I truly feel o.k. thanks to Light of the Moon Cafe".

~CM, Squamish, BC, Canada

"After reading Eating in the Light of the Moon, I knew that what was described in the book was exactly what I needed to move on from my disordered eating. The Under the New Moon course expanded on the information and helped me to understand it in new ways and to incorporate it into my own life. After 15 years of restricting, dieting, and bingeing, I am finally beginning to break free. The course has challenged me, opened me up to creativity, helped me to discover all of the needs that lie beneath my eating struggles, and helped me to discover ways to feed those needs. I am no longer a woman who is timid and afraid and constantly caring for others instead of herself. I am beginning to know myself on a level that I never knew possible. Thank you Anita and Elisabeth for developing this course and allowing me to discover the person I was meant to be.”

~LB, Spring Valley, CA, USA

"During the past eight weeks in which I've participated in the Crescent Moon module, I have felt an expansiveness within myself. It seems as though I now have a greater capacity to experience emotions, the joyous ones - happiness, wonder, compassion, and empathy, as well as the painful ones - sorrow, loss, grief, and sadness. I understand that I tampered my fear of emotions with food. I feel less and less need to do so. I also have a greater awareness of and appreciation for my intuition, and a greater willingness to trust it."

~JH, Shoreline, WA, USA

Wow, I am so thankful for you both! I believe this to be one of the most important journeys I have taken in my journey to overcome my disordered eating patterns. I truly understand now that this has nothing to do with food or fat, but is an amazing and powerful teacher to wake me up to what is really going on underneath my challenges. I have so many more tools for processing my emotions in healthy ways and for listening to and speaking my truth with confidence, which truly has been transformative for me. Thank you for helping me step into my true self, let go of my attachments to unhealthy relationships and find and implement my true purpose here. All of these things have contributed to a much more balanced relationship with food and my body! I am forever grateful for the work you are doing to free women from the bondage of food addiction, emotional eating and body image issues. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

~M.R. Bothell, WA, US

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