Fearless Rebelle PodCast With Summer Innanen

Fearless Rebelle PodCast With Summer Innanen
I was recently interviewed by Summer Innanen on the  Fearless Rebelle Podcast.

We discuss The Psychology Of Body Image & Eating.

Key Points of the Podcast:

How we lose the capacity to be intuitive and express who we are as children and why this influences our relationship with food and our bodies,
The masculine systems that contribute to the suppression of our emotions and intuition and their influence on the way we feel about ourselves,
The neuroscience of why we feel bad about ourselves and how to change it,
The contract between belonging and fitting in and why the desire to fit in creates a disconnect from who we are,
Three questions to ask yourself to get in touch with who you are and what you desire,
Why loneliness is really about a disconnection from ourselves versus a disconnection from others,
The gifts of PMS,
The art of feeling feelings and why it’s necessary
Plus so much more!

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Food Psych PodCast With Christy Harrison

Food Psych PodCast With Christy Harrison
I was recently interviewed by Christy Harrison on the  Food Psych Podcast episode 104. 

We discuss how to make peace with feelings.

Key Points of the Podcast:

Anita’s relationship with food growing up, including her experience growing up in Guam and not knowing what dieting was until she got older
Diet culture, the thin ideal, and the “Twiggy” obsession in the early 70s
Anita’s experience in the Miss Universe pageant
Cultural differences in the beauty ideal
The limitations of the current body-positive movement re: age and body type
Matrilineal culture, matriarchy, and patriarchy
Anita’s educational journey
Applying meaning to our experiences
Feminism and women’s cultural issues
The Emperor’s New Clothes
Perceiving the nuance and the falsehoods in our culture
Why eating disorders have adaptive functions
Food as metaphor
The value of community support on this intuitive eating, non-diet journey
Setting boundaries and creating limits
Creating inner parents for comfort and protection
Compassionate curiosity
The metaphor of the feminine and masculine archetypes
Finding balance between the parts of our personalities

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Understanding the Communication from Our Unconscious Mind

Understanding the Communication from Our Unconscious Mind
Hello, Dr. Anita Johnston here. I’m in Palau, Nikko Bay and I’m about ready to go diving into an underwater garden and I’m taking you with me. One of the rock islands stands alone but there’s a whole cluster of them surrounded by coral reefs, which are amazing. This one is called Rembrandt’s Cove.

Diving underwater feels so much to me like descending into a dream. The laws of the universe don’t seem to apply here. Gravity is different. Time gets altered. Sounds have another frequency and words show up as internal dialogues in my own mind. Actually, beneath the water is a fantastic and beautiful world depending entirely on an unusual complex web of interrelationships between plants and animals.

This entire reef has been formed very slowly over thousands and thousands of years through an interesting partnership between huge colonies of diverse coral animals that come in all shapes and sizes and they partner with the green algae, a tiny plant that lives in the tissues of the coral animal. The algae uses photosynthesis to provide nutrients and oxygen for the coral and the coral provides a protective environment for the algae and the carbon dioxide it needs to consume. It is the algae that gives the corals the brilliant colors that we see.

While in normal conditions the coral and the algae coexist in a mutually beneficial relationship but when the coral is stressed by the water becoming too warm or excessively low tides, for example, it dispels the algae cells and turns white. If the disruption of the coral/algae symbiosis occurs for too long a period of time it can be disastrous and even lead to the death […]

The Love Food PodCast With Julie Duffy Dillon

The Love Food PodCast With Julie Duffy Dillon
I was recently interviewed by Julie Duffy Dillon on the  Love Food Podcast episode 68. 

Do you consider food to be your enemy or a waste of time? Are you tired of struggling with body image, yo-yo dieting, and food hate? Do you desperately want to embrace intuitive eating, but are too afraid of leaving behind the safety of an eating disorder? Listen now for a breakdown of how to confront these common food peace dilemmas.

Key Points of the Podcast:

We live in a world of PARADOX… it’s about food, but it’s also not about food at the same time!!
So how are our food issues not about food? This struggle is a messenger to let us know that there are other issues going on in our lives… what other hungers are we starving for??
What is the symbolic nature of our food struggle? If we struggle with food restriction, it’s important to look at other areas in our lives where we are restricting. If we struggle with binge eating, it’s important to ask where else we feel scarcity in our lives.
How do we create a peace-keeping force in our lives? We explore compassionate curiosity, rather than judgment.
The foundation to food peace is compassionate curiosity!!
How do we discern our symbolic hungers??
First we need to change our patterns in our lives… then we can tackle the patterns in our relationship with food.
So how do we crack the code on our food behaviors??
Sugary foods usually indicate that we are needing sweetness in our lives, either from ourselves or others.
Salty and crunchy foods generally indicate repressed anger and frustration.
Warm foods mean we are yearning for […]