Hello. Dr. Anita Johnston here. I am on Maui at the Black Sand Beach in front of ‘Ai Pono Maui, my residential treatment facility in Hawaii.

I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the reef. Here in Hawaii, the eel lives in a hole in the reef in the ocean. And the lobster makes its home at the mouth of this hole. This is a fantastic arrangement for the eel because it has a lobster on its doorstep keeping an eye out for predators.

But it’s a much more complicated relationship for the lobster, because eels eat lobsters. So, what the lobster has to do is have one antenna keeping an eye out for predators, but the other antenna has to go in and keep an eye out on the eel.

What I have found is that women who struggle with eating difficulties, are like lopsided lobsters.

They have this amazing, brilliant, extraordinary, outer antenna.

It’s so incredible that they can walk into a room, pick up on a vibe, know what anybody expects of them, and provide those expectations without that person even knowing that’s what they want in the first place.

But they have pretty lousy inner antennas.

So what that means is that they are way better at picking up on and responding to the needs and feelings of others than they are on picking up on and responding to their own needs and feelings.

So the problem is with this is, it creates a state of deprivation. It’s sort of like writing checks and not making deposits.

When you have this ongoing perpetual state of deprivation, it starts to feel like hunger.

And it actually is a hunger.
But it’s not a hunger for food.

Here’s […]