Becoming Body Whisperers

We’re so inspired and touched by the depth and breadth of the responses from the women who have joined the Café and are shining their light for each other, as together they navigate the labyrinthine path towards freedom from eating struggles.  This week we are beginning the process of teasing apart the different kinds of hunger.  Just as some indigenous cultures have many words for snow and we have only one, so it is with the concept of hunger.  How many kinds of hunger are there, really, and how can we tell them apart?  And how many ways can we feel “full” in our lives?  We are beginning with identifying the different sensations for physical hunger and where we feel them in our bodies, learning how to listen to the “whispers” (and not just the shouts), and to stealthily track any thoughts and feelings that might distract us from hearing the messages our bodies are sending.

Anita & Elisabeth

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We’re Going Global!

It has been so exciting to see women of all ages from around the world show up at the Café.  Thus far, we have had women from Canada, Australia, England, Guatemala, and all across the US  (from Hawaii to the East Coast) participate in the Cafe.  When women gather together in circle to support each other and connect heart to heart, geography and time zones vanish.  In this world beyond time and space, souls can be fed.  Come join us!

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