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The Light of the Moon Cafe has been designed from over 35 years of working with women wanting to heal their relationships with food and their bodies. It is a companion guide to my best-selling book, Eating in the Light of the Moon.

At the Cafe you’ll find a feast of self-study and interactive courses so you can understand why you do what you do with food. And learn how to feed your soul instead. 

You would not be on Anita's site if you did not believe there are greater things within you. To live the extraordinary life you were meant to live is by following your joy. Anita provides a safe haven; and Light of the Moon Cafe will give you the sacred space you need to open your heart. Her storytelling, videos, and metaphors are replete with insight and wisdom that will shed light on the questions, pain, and discomfort you hold within yourself. You learn that the way out is through the heart.

A.H. , Korea 


The most effective way to break free from struggles with eating is by learning the concepts and skills I teach in my courses, but if you’re not ready or able to sign up, here are some free resources to get you started.


Imagine walking frequently down a street where a building is being constructed. Day after day, for many months, you pass by what

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Invisible Foundations

How much control do we really have over our own lives? It’s a common question that I think everyone has grappled with

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Life as a Three-Act Play

Hello, Dr. Johnston & Ai Pono Team! Happy Podcast day to you! Your show is now LIVE on Army Wife Talk Radio.

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Happy AWTR Podcast-is-now-live Day to you! (Ai Pono)

We are living in extraordinary times.The feminine is emerging from all the places in which she has been hidden, safely tucked away

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The Feminine is Rising

In pre-pandemic days, I traveled to the Republic of Palau in Micronesia where, unlike in our modern Western culture, there are still

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Celebrating the Maiden

Read this down and then up …. “Recovery from eating disorders is possible”Is a lie and, in fact,“Real happiness comes from being

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