The Light of the Moon Cafe is a dream come true. It is now open, and serving food for the soul…

Anita Johnston and Elisabeth Peterson are a psychologist/storyteller and a dietitian/group leader who have worked many years in the field of disordered eating. They are passionate about using women’s circles for healing struggles with food, eating, and weight. For more information about their individual work, check out their websites: and

The Light of the Moon Café has evolved from a collaboration of Anita’s best selling book, Eating in the Light of the Moon, and Soul Hunger workshops that she has given around the country for years and from the popular Eating in the Light of the Moon support groups facilitated by Elisabeth Peterson. Elisabeth’s groups have grown in popularity over the years and are continually attended by many women because the experience is something they do not want to leave behind.

Anita and Elisabeth spent years brainstorming how to bring the experience of diving deeper into the realm of nourishment for the soul—that so many women struggling with food, fat, and dieting seemed to hunger for—to a broader audience. They fantasized about how to create a venue to  provide food for the soul in a way that would be easy, enjoyable, beautiful and enlightening. This eventually evolved into the concept of an online e-course and support group.

They dreamed about creating a space where a group of women of all ages from around the world could gather to be embraced in the warmth of a women’s circle and have experiences that nourish the deepest, most intimate parts of their being. They imagined a “place” where women could show up in their own time without having to cancel important activities in their lives, where the night owls could commune with the early risers, where the introverts could find a venue for expression and the extroverts could find connection, where those on the path to recovery from disordered eating could meet and get encouragement from fellow travelers—and discover they were not alone.

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