Crescent Moon Program

 This 8 Week Class led by Dr. Anita Johnston is based on her Best Selling Book "Eating Under the Light of the Moon"

Are you Tired of Struggling with Food & Your Body?

  Using metaphors and ancient wisdom stories, we reframe the struggle, shine a gentle light on the truth that there is nothing wrong with you (and there never was!), so you can see a way out and receive relief, inspiration, and a multitude of “aha” moments that will inspire you to find the lasting freedom from battles with food, and dieting that you desire.

Class Starts August 19, 2018

Discover the Meaning Behind Your Food Cravings or Phobias!

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The Light of the Moon Cafe’ is a place where those seeking freedom can come to heal their relationships with eating, food, and body image through online self-study and live courses

Based on the teachings from Dr. Anita Johnston’s best-selling book, Eating in the Light of the Moon, the Light of the Moon Café provides a feast of online healing experiences to deepen your understanding of your eating difficulties …so you can break free!

Come be inspired & supported on your journey of discovery & recovery!

Light of the Moon Café Courses are based on
Dr. Anita Johnston’s best-selling book, "Eating in the Light of the Moon". 

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Light of the Moon Courses

Next Crescent Moon Starts August 2018